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True Botanicals

This beautiful line began with friends Hilary Peterson and Christina Mace-Turner’s dismay over the rampant toxins in and non-regulation of conventional beauty products; the two envisioned a luxurious and turbocharged skincare line that didn’t compromise health. The result, incredibly nourishing, super-concentrated bio-active formulas that include luscious shampoos and conditioners, and an extensive, super-effective lineup of skincare that works for every skin type, from the blemish-prone to those looking to age gracefully and relatively line-lessly, and more.
13 items in True Botanicals
True BotanicalsVitamin C Booster$90.00An everyday essential for noticeably brighter, smoother, glowier, firmer skin.
True BotanicalsCellular Repair Serum, RENEW$140.00This deeply potent elixir sinks in deep to repair, restore, and revitalize skin from the inside out.
True BotanicalsNourishing Shampoo & Conditioner$68.00For shiny, bouncy, healthy hair, this chicly bottled combination super-hydrates hair, fights frizz, smells fantastic—and it leaves hair incredibly soft.Sold Out
True BotanicalsNourishing Shampoo$34.00This is an incredibly luxurious, gorgeous-smelling, rich shampoo.
True BotanicalsEveryday Sheer Coverage$40.00A potent anti-ager that prevents skin damage as it reverses it.
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Medium Tint
True BotanicalsNourishing Conditioner$34.00Perfect for all hair types, this is packed with superfood ingredients.
True BotanicalsAntioxidant Booster$90.00Apple peel-packed with polyphenols, resveratrol, and quercetin-is the star of this miracle-working anti-aging powder that's mixed with serum for a potent shot of antioxidants.
True BotanicalsPure Radiance Body Oil$48.00A fast-absorbing body oil with nurturing antioxidants that leaves you smelling gorgeously woodsy.
True BotanicalsResurfacing Body Mask$48.00A lactic-acid-and-green-tea body-smoothing treatment that leaves you with baby-soft skin.
True BotanicalsClear Hydrating Cleanser$48.00A gentle cleanser with natural salicylic acid.
True BotanicalsClear Nutrient Toner$48.00A gently clarifying toner for people with problem skin.
True BotanicalsClear Pure Radiance Oil$110.00A miracle-working face oil for problem skin.
True BotanicalsClear Cellular Repair Serum$140.00A antioxidant, antibacterial overnight serum treatment for those with problem skin.
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