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7 items in Veja
VejaV-10 SneakersUS $150.00Sleek and sustainable.
VejaWata SneakersUS $95.00The red V logo ties back to virtually everything you own.
VejaV-10US $150.00They only get better with age.
Veja3-Lock Logo SneakersUS $135.00Velcro for the win—and for the adult set.
VejaNova SneakersUS $100.00Note the slightly chunky sole and cap-toe detail.
VejaEsplar Lace-Up SneakersUS $120.00Fun fact: the sole is made from wild rubber sourced from the Amazonian forest.Coming Soon
VejaV-12 Velcro SneakersUS $155.00Cue the nostalgia.Sold Out
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