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Vita Liberata

Vita Liberata

4 items in Vita Liberata
Vita LiberatapHenomenal 2–3 Week Tan MousseUS $39.00A miracle self-tan mousse that lasts longer than any tan we’ve tried—and it’s so natural.
Vita LiberataInvisi Foaming Tan WaterUS $33.00FOAMING, TRANSFER-FREE SELF-TANNER: A totally amazing clear tanning water that foams to a thick, easy-to-use mousse.
Vita LiberataTanning MittUS $4.50This super-soft mitt makes applying self tanner flawlessly easier than any mitt we’ve tried.
Vita LiberataTanning Cloths 8-PackUS $20.00These biodegradable tanning cloths give you an incredible glow.
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