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Amsterdam designer Elza Wandler’s handbags balance clean, minimal lines with unexpected shapes and artful use of color. Take the Hortensia, a demi-circle leather bag with origami-like folds peeking out on either side, or the Luna, a minibag named for its half-moon flap. With details like layered closures, oversized tabs, woven leather details, and bold color, Wandler combines simplicity and surprise into sleek pieces that get better with age. The brand releases just four collections a year, and each piece is handmade in Italy. Plus, Elza’s inspiration for her eponymous line is inspiring: she creates bags that reflect modern femininity, and herself as a designer—as she is, and as she wishes to be.
3 items in Wandler
WandlerAva ToteUS $795.00You’ve got this in the bag.
WandlerCroc-Embossed Luna BagUS $720.00Don’t underestimate the little guy.
WandlerBilly BagUS $850.00Made in Italy and made to last.
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