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Westman Atelier

Westman Atelier

World-famous makeup artist Gucci Westman has done more than simply create a makeup line: It’s clean and nontoxic, as high-performance as it gets (truly, the products will blow you away), and made with powerful natural skin-care ingredients to treat skin while enhancing it.
11 items in Westman Atelier
Westman AtelierLe BoxUS $173.00Inspired by GP’s lit-from-within glow, this chic boxed set includes everything you need for a naturally gorgeous, luminous, healthy look—your skin, but glowier.
Westman AtelierSuper Loaded Tinted HighlighterUS $75.00This dewy highlighter for eyes, cheeks, and face leaves a gorgeously natural glow.
Peau de Peche
Peau de Soleil
Westman AtelierBeauty Butter Powder Bronzer US $75.00Sweep this creamy matte tint over your cheeks (it also works for eyes, temples—anywhere) for a natural, just-back-from-the-beach glow.
Westman AtelierFoundation BrushUS $80.00Made in Japan at the oldest brush-making company in the world, this silky foundation brush leaves the most flattering, barely there finish.
Westman AtelierVital Skin Foundation StickUS $68.00This brilliant, creamy stick is foundation and concealer in one—it melts into skin, leaving it fresh, glowy, and flawless.
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Westman AtelierBlender Brush US $125.00Cut at the perfect angle, this silky, cruelty-free highlighter brush was hand-made in Japan by the world’s oldest brush maker.
Westman AtelierEye Love You MascaraUS $62.00This ultraluxe, blackest-black mascara is clean and nontoxic—and GP’s favorite. It leaves your lashes gorgeous, sexy, and super defined.
Westman AtelierLit Up Highlight StickUS $48.00This barely there gel highlighter gives a refreshed, dewy glow—it’s the easiest way to instantly perk up your skin.
Westman AtelierBaby Cheeks Blush StickUS $50.00A gorgeous, multipurpose cream color for cheeks, lips, and even eyes, this super hydrating blush stick creates a flattering, buildable flush.
Dou Dou
Westman AtelierFace Trace Contour StickUS $48.00This cream contour stick made with organic jojoba oil and China clay beautifully defines the face as it moisturizes.
Westman AtelierPowder Brush US $85.00This super soft, handcrafted-in-Japan brush makes applying pressed bronzer, powder, or highlighter easy and precise.
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