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Westman Atelier

Westman Atelier

World-famous makeup artist Gucci Westman has done more than simply create a makeup line: It’s clean and nontoxic, as high-performance as it gets (truly, the products will blow you away), and made with powerful natural skin-care ingredients to treat skin while enhancing it.
20 items in Westman Atelier
Westman AtelierEye Pods Eye ShadowUS $88.00These velvety, cream-powder-hybrid eye shadows from makeup artist Gucci Westman are ultraflattering as a wash over lids or as smudgy liner.
Les Nuits
Les Jours
Westman AtelierBaby Cheeks Blush StickUS $48.00A gorgeous, multipurpose cream color for cheeks, lips, and even eyes, this super hydrating blush stick creates a flattering, buildable flush.
Dou Dou
Westman AtelierLip SuedeUS $85.00Four vivid shades make up this strikingly visual palette—Westman’s preferred multioption method for applying lip color—and they come in a gorgeous tomato-red lacquered compact.
Westman AtelierMakeup Brush VaultUS $435.00The ultimate handmade cruelty-free Japanese brushes for the most flattering natural look.
Westman AtelierSuper Loaded Tinted HighlighterUS $75.00This dewy highlighter for eyes, cheeks, and face leaves a gorgeously natural glow.
Peau de Rose
Peau de Peche
Peau de Soleil
Westman AtelierVital Skin Foundation StickUS $68.00This brilliant, creamy stick is foundation and concealer in one—it melts into skin, leaving it fresh, glowy, and flawless.
Atelier N
Atelier 0
Atelier I
Atelier II
Atelier III
Atelier IV
Atelier V
Atelier VI
Atelier VII
Atelier VIII
Atelier IX
Atelier X
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Atelier XII
Westman AtelierLit Up Highlight StickUS $48.00This barely there gel highlighter gives a refreshed, dewy glow—it’s the easiest way to instantly perk up your skin.
Westman AtelierFace Trace Contour StickUS $48.00This cream contour stick made with organic jojoba oil and China clay beautifully defines the face as it moisturizes.
Westman AtelierThe Shanghai EditionUS $133.00Guaranteed glossy lashes and the most gorgeous lip-color palette there is, packaged in the best red lacquer box.
Westman AtelierFoundation BrushUS $80.00Made in Japan at the oldest brush-making company in the world, this silky foundation brush leaves the most flattering, barely there finish.
Westman AtelierBlender Brush US $125.00Cut at the perfect angle, this silky, cruelty-free highlighter brush was hand-made in Japan by the world’s oldest brush maker.
Westman AtelierPowder Brush US $85.00This super soft, handcrafted-in-Japan brush makes applying pressed bronzer, powder, or highlighter easy and precise.
Westman AtelierLe Box - GP EditionUS $173.00Inspired by GP’s lit-from-within glow, this chic boxed set includes everything you need for a naturally gorgeous, luminous, healthy look—your skin, but glowier.
Westman AtelierLip Brush US $38.00This soft yet precise lip brush, made by hand in Japan, is the ideal tool for crisp precision and intense color, as well as for softly staining lips.
Westman AtelierBaby Blender BrushUS $64.00This silky, handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free blending brush makes applying cream blush so much easier.
Westman AtelierEye Shadow Brush IUS $58.00Silkily soft yet precise, this handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free brush makes eye shadow look and feel effortless.
Westman AtelierEye Shadow Brush IIUS $62.00Silkily soft yet precise, this handcrafted-in-Japan, cruelty-free, rounded, blending brush makes eye shadow look and feel effortless.
Westman AtelierSpot Check BrushUS $38.00The pointed brush tip on this cruelty-free handcrafted-in-Japan brush makes applying concealer and touching up makeup practically effortless. New
Westman AtelierEye Love You MascaraUS $62.00This ultraluxe, blackest-black mascara is clean and nontoxic—and GP’s favorite. It leaves your lashes gorgeous, sexy, and super defined.Coming Soon
Westman AtelierBeauty Butter Powder Bronzer US $75.00Sweep this creamy matte tint over your cheeks (it also works for eyes, temples—anywhere) for a natural, just-back-from-the-beach glow.Sold Out
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