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8 items in Wolford
Wolford 'Individual 10' Pair of Tights$49.00Truly a flawless, silky-smooth fit.
Wolford 'Velvet De Luxe 66' Pair of Tights$49.00Slightly sheeny and legs-for-days sexy.
Wolford 'Mat Opaque 80' Pair of Tights$61.00Take these sexy tights from desk to drinks.
WolfordJamaika Bodysuit$195.00Beautifully body-skimming and (literally) seamless.
WolfordColorado Bodysuit$250.00Not your typical turtleneck.
Wolford 'Nude 8' Socks$17.00Kiss sock slippage goodbye.
Wolford 'Velvet 66' Socks$29.00 Pure luxury, for your feet.
Wolford 'Velvet 66' Socks$29.00Best part is: they never fall down
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