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Year Of Ours

Year Of Ours

The female-led Year of Ours was launched with the intention of creating cutting-edge activewear that’s made in the USA and meant to last. Committed to creating the best, quality pieces, Year of Ours focuses on modern fits, sports-inspired shapes, and high-tech fabrics that pay equal attention to both fashion and utility. Keep an eye out for surprise cutouts, matching sets, and loud (but cool) branding that—post-sweat—transitions seamlessly to life outside the gym.
8 items in Year Of Ours
Year Of OursBest Butt LeggingsUS $108.00US $43.00A nice change of pace in a drawer full of neutrals.
Year Of OursTeam SweatshirtUS $103.00US $41.00Because cool and comfortable are not mutually exclusive.
Year Of OursSkater LeggingsUS $95.00US $38.00Extra mood-lifting in marine blue.
Year Of OursClaudia BraUS $62.00US $25.00Go blue or go home.
Year Of OursMotosport LeggingsUS $106.00US $42.00The cobalt-blue paneling is beyond badass.
Year Of OursYEAR BraUS $62.00US $25.00It rallies hard for any hardcore workout.
Year Of OursSkater LeggingsUS $95.00US $38.00Year of Ours knows their way around a solid pair of workout leggings.
Year Of OursClassic JoggerUS $117.00US $47.00On point in faded pink.
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