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6 items in Zalto
Zalto Hand-Blown Universal Wine GlassUS $62.00Whites, reds, rosés—it gets the job done.
Zalto Hand-Blown Bordeaux Wine GlassUS $64.00For anything full-bodied, like a fruity Cabernet or a Bordeaux.
Zalto Hand-Blown Burgundy Wine GlassUS $65.00Pairs particularly well with a light Pinot Noir or a jammy Barbera.
Zalto Hand-Blown White Wine GlassUS $60.00Big perk: It’s dishwasher friendly.
Zalto Hand-Blown Champagne GlassUS $62.00Seemingly delicate, surprisingly durable.
Zalto Axium Single Bottle DecanterUS $120.00The prettiest way to give that bottle of Bordeaux a breather.
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