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Kiki de MontparnasseGrand Soleil G-StringUS $85.00A sexy, sultry surprise underneath, well, anything really.
Valentine NYCMagnolia Lace Josie ThongUS $28.00If you’re looking to upgrade your intimates drawer, Josie—with her comfortable wide side bands and exquisite silvery lace all over—is a smart place to start.
Silver Lining Grey
Terracotta Rose
Valentine NYCScalloped Dalia Lace Patti PantyUS $32.00For when you want a bit more coverage.
Valentine NYCLattice Lace Supreme PantyUS $36.00While the sheer lace is perfect for the boudoir, it’s cut with a practical mid-rise that’s just right for every day.
Valentine NYCDaisy Lace Donna ThongUS $32.00Between the weightless lilac lace and stretchy Lycra, it fits like a second skin.
Fleur du MalPanty Pack Charlotte Lace ThongUS $32.00Practical for everyday and extra pretty for sexier moments.
Kiki de MontparnasseExpose ThongUS $125.00A little bit risqué, a whole lot romantic.
Le Petit TrouBriefs FinesseUS $76.00Just wait ‘til you slip on those glittery polka dots (so sexy).
SkinOriana G-String ThongUS $34.00These any-day-of-the-week undies are comfy and damn sexy.
Tylynn NguyenRose PantyUS $125.00The peekaboo power-mesh is so alluring.
Tylynn NguyenRose PantyUS $125.00Found: the pair you’ll wear with all of your high-waisted jeans and trousers.
Tylynn NguyenMyrrh PantyUS $109.00Sexy and sweet, who can resist?
Fleur du MalSheer Tulle PantiesUS $42.00As sexy as Fleur du Mal’s fan-favorite thong, but updated with a more modest cut.
AraksSuri PantyUS $85.00The soft-cotton crepe feels so luxe, but it’s the sexy sheer tulle that’ll make these a favorite.
AraksTove PantyUS $85.00Just wait ‘til you take the stretchy sheer-mesh for a spin.
Fleur du MalFlocked Lace CheekyUS $75.00Cheeky, sheer, sexy—they’re the total package.
Fleur du MalSheer Tulle ThongUS $42.00They’re sweet. They’re sexy. They’re the best of both worlds.
Quo ActiveActive ThongUS $24.00The closet staple you never knew you were missing: workout-proof underwear.
Kiki de MontparnasseExpose ThongUS $125.00A little bit graphic and a whole lot girlie.
Botanica WorkshopLila Bikini BriefUS $55.00So comfortable you’ll want to sleep in them.
Botanica WorkshopFlora Bikini BriefUS $78.00The blush hue is cute, but the stretchy silk georgette is next-level.
WixsonMid-Waist Panty With Removable StrapsUS $639.00Don’t get your panties in a twist.
The Great ErosSonata Tie ThongUS $48.00The perfect finishing touch.
Fleur du MalPanty Pack Charlotte Lace CheekyUS $38.00Three’s company.
Kiki de MontparnasseExpose High-Waisted ThongUS $185.00String theory.
Fleur du MalPanty Pack Charlotte Lace V StringUS $32.00Can we bum one?
Fleet IlyaO-Ring Cut Out KnickersUS $318.00Shocking, sexy, and just the right amount of subversive.
Stella McCartneyClara Whispering ThongUS $90.00One half of the prettiest pale-pink set we’ve ever seen.
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