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G. LabelSharon Faux Fur JacketUS $895.00“The quality of the faux fur is unbelievable—it feels like the real thing and bodes well for the future of cruelty-free fashion.” —GPSold Out
G. LabelJames Military CoatUS $1,295.00“I love that this eternally chic coat is both practical and polished, so you can wear it with both jeans and cocktail dresses.” —GPSold Out
Sofie D'HooreCaitlin Plume Nylon JacketUS $760.00Has your back on gusty mornings, unexpected downpours, even the occasional snowstorm…
goop x Nili LotanHumphrey JacketUS $750.00“The easiest way to look dressed up and feel comfortable at the same time—it even holds up through hours on the plane.” —GPSold Out
Mr & Mrs ItalyMongolia Fur ParkaUS $4,320.00We especially love the oversized shape.
G. LabelPaul Army JacketUS $795.00“This is the kind of piece you keep on hand for the warm-to-cool transition—it goes over a giant fluffy sweater just as easily as it does a T-shirt.” —GP
XirenaBecker Army JacketUS $276.00 A season-spanning layer you’ll reach for constantly.
ATM Anthony Thomas MelilloStretch-Cotton Camo Field JacketUS $550.00Check out the cinched waist.
Mr & Mrs ItalyMongolia Fur ParkaUS $3,840.00One all-purpose layer, limitless styling possibilities.
No. 21Sport-JacketUS $1,270.00Menswear suiting with a pretty periwinkle twist.
Rebecca Taylor La VieStretch Denim JacketUS $295.00Found: the queen of all jean jackets.
Lindsey ThornburgWhite Los Ojos Mid-Length CloakUS $950.00Handmade from Pendleton’s iconic Southwestern blankets.
ATM Anthony Thomas MelilloSherpa-Lined Corduroy Jean JacketUS $495.00Chic, cozy, and classic—it ticks all the boxes.
G. LabelJonathan Double-Breasted BlazerUS $595.00This is a fantastic blazer—it’s both old-school men’s suiting and really modern—with a perfect feminine cut.”—GP
SeaWool Combo Fur Track JacketUS $685.00As statement-making as outerwear gets.
JosephSolferino Camel Hair Trench CoatUS $2,495.00Has the power to perk up practically any outfit.
G. LabelDrew TrenchcoatUS $795.00“This is our update of the classic trench—beautifully constructed and finished with our signature puff sleeve. And you’ll have it forever.”—GP
Rejina PyoRiley TrenchUS $880.00If you ever thought the trench-coat-and-little-else look can’t be office-appropriate—well, think again.
ShrimpsCullen JacketUS $730.00Wear your heart on your sleeve(s).
Nili LotanSedella Plush Oversized CoatUS $1,395.00Made to last faux-ever thanks to the goes-with-everything shade.Sold Out
Stella McCartneyLaurel Faux Fur JacketUS $1,650.00Faux a little drama in your day-to-day.
TibiLuxe Mohair Double-Breasted CoatUS $1,395.00Pretty, polished, and so cozy.
Tory SportClassic Track JacketUS $168.00Too chic to confine to the gym.
MOTHERThe Breaker Breaker Crop JacketUS $345.00Fiery and featherlight.
Tory SportSoho Floral Bomber JacketUS $498.00Extra girlie thanks to the graphic botanicals.
TibiLuxe Faux-Fur Oversized Trench CoatUS $695.00Go faux it.
JosephHecktor Teddy Sheepskin CoatUS $2,495.00Looks particularly sharp with the oversized collar flipped up.Sold Out
MM6Wool-Blend CoatUS $1,140.00Chic and cocoon-like; you’ll lean on it for seasons to come.
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