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Stella McCartneyScoop-Back Ballet One-PieceUS $300.00Suit up with Stella.
Mara HoffmanGamela Belted One-PieceUS $260.00Knotty and nice.
NaelieMelissa One-PieceUS $226.00True romance.
Mara HoffmanDaphne One-Piece SuitUS $250.00Between the pretty bow straps and the plunging V-neckline, this maillot is equal parts feminine and fierce.
HaightMarina Maillot One-PieceUS $212.00Best part: you can wear it three ways.
Cali DreamingGrove One-PieceUS $215.00This, plus bold sunglasses, perched under a cabana.
Cali DreamingVara One-PieceUS $198.00The bold Barbie-pink is striking in the prettiest way possible.
Cali DreamingKang One-PieceUS $245.00The strapless design is sexy without even trying.
La DoubleJSurf SuitUS $310.00Swim in it, surf in it, paddle in it, downward dog in it, and later, lunch in it.
La DoubleJSurf SuitUS $310.00Equally brilliant for hitting the waves as it is for hanging around the sand.
CoverLong-Sleeved Hooded SwimsuitUS $225.00For surfing, swimming, or simply shading yourself from the sun.
Adriana DegreasTricolor Strapless SwimsuitUS $401.00A sexy, strapless silhouette guaranteed to win you over.
CoverLong-Sleeved SwimsuitUS $190.00Just as essential for swimming laps as it is for anyone wanting to protect themselves from the sun.
CoverHigh-Neck Sleeveless SwimsuitUS $170.00As fitting in the surf as it is on dry land.
Dos GardeniasDarkstar One-PieceUS $275.00Criss-cross applesauce.
Dos GardeniasHeartbreaker One-PieceUS $255.00When not making waves by the pool/sand/wherever, you can slip this on beneath your favorite silk midi skirts.
Tropic of COne-Piece with String StrapsUS $150.00As sexy as it is flattering.
MatteauThe Plunge Maillot SuitUS $300.00If forced to choose one swimsuit for years to come, Matteau’s The Plunge would be it.
Static SwimwearAvalon One-PieceUS $128.00Looks right at home seaside with a big floppy hat.
Morgan LaneCait One-PieceUS $258.00Note the retro side stripes.
MarysiaMexico Maillot SuitUS $345.00Doubles as a bodysuit on dry land.
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