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Exclusive to goop

51 items in Exclusive to goop
Mr. & Mrs. Italy x goopCanvas Parka$1,860.00
Adina Reyter x goopClassic Diamond Studs$948.00
Adina Reyter x goopClassic Diamond Necklace$675.00
From The Road x goopYana Journey Scarf$390.00
Tina Frey Designs x goopResin Salad Servers$60.00Handmade in San Francisco beginning to end, these 100% food-safe, BPA-free resin salad servers are durable and designed extra long.
M.Gemi x goopSneaker With Ankle Detail$278.00
STYLEBONE x goopAnklet$116.00
Whole Spice x goop"It's All Easy" Spice Set$175.00This includes every single spice and seasoning used in GP’s newest cookbook, It’s All Easy.
Maria Tash x goopTurquoise Piercing and Cuff Eternity$795.00
Sarah Chloe x goopSquare Pinky Ring$130.00
Sarah Chloe x goopRocha Arrow Original Ring$296.00
Sarah Chloe x goopRocha Arrow Crossover Ring$296.00
PurseN x goopPrima Weekender Jewelry Case$58.00Bestseller
PurseN x goopPrima Vacationer Jewelry Case$65.00Bestseller
PurseN x goopPrima Elite Jewelry Case$95.00
Mud Australia x goopPorcelain Serving Bowl$458.00This wide, generous serving bowl is made from sturdy porcelain, so you can fill it with even the hottest just-off-the-stove dishes and never worry about damaging it.
Mud Australia x goopPorcelain Platter$98.00This beautiful platter is oven-safe, so you can keep dishes warm in the oven until guests arrive.
Mud Australia x goopPorcelain Bowl Set$180.00In an exclusive-to-goop delicate pink color, this set of porcelain bowls is the perfect wedding gift.
Zwilling x goopMulti-Purpose Kitchen Scissors$60.00Use these to cut veggies in the kitchen, trim garden plants, prop open a jar lid, or twist or pop off a bottle cap.
Sarah Chloe x goopLana Pinky Ring$120.00
Gold Plated
Zwilling x goopKnife Set$700.00The dream knife set for a home cook: This has everything you'll ever need.
M.Gemi x goopGwinetta Pointy Toe Flat$348.00
bkr x goopgoop Water Bottle$35.00 This is BPA-free, phthalate-free, spill-free; it fits most cup holders, goes in all dishwashers.
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