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2019 New Year Cleanse

2019 New Year Cleanse

Every January, we put the baked goods in the deep freezer, stash our wine, and recalibrate our diet toward the cleaner end of the spectrum. To get us there, we lean on some tried-and-true detox tenets, our food editors’ detox recipes and cleanses, and advice from our roster of experts.
137 items in 2019 New Year Cleanse
Staub x goop5.75QT Oval CocotteUS $330.00If you want to braise something but don't need to feed a huge crowd, this is a good option.
Shower ClearThe Original Chrome ShowerheadUS $275.00Over time, most shower heads accumulate all sorts of unpleasantness, from bacteria to mold—this pops open and dries naturally.
Coyuchi Organic Cotton Waffle RobeUS $98.00Feels like a warm embrace from the first time you cinch the belt.
Penguin Random HouseKetotarianUS $20.00Keto-curious? Here’s a must-read on eating (mostly) greens.
StaubKettleUS $180.00The pretty grey-and-brass coloring is exclusive to goop
Sori YanagiStainless Steel Kitchen Tool 6-Piece SetUS $288.00All of the ladles, spatulas, and spoons you could ever need to whip up a hearty meal.
Onyx Stainless Steel ClipsUS $20.00Chip clips just got a whole lot chicer.
Bala BanglesWeighted Wrist Bangles US $49.00One pound can make a world of difference.
Heather Grey
KuvingsVacuum Blender SV500SUS $650.00The hushed, won’t-wake-up-the-whole-family noise-canceling cover will make it a morning mainstay.
GreenPanVenice Pro Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware, 10-Piece SetUS $400.00Greenpan makes the most advanced, non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-stick ceramic cookware out there.
KuvingsWhole Slow Juicer ELITE C7000SUS $500.00Celery juice for all.
Onyx Medium 2-Layer Sandwich BoxUS $12.00The chicest, least wasteful way possible to pack a lunch.
Onyx 16 cm Airtight ContainerUS $20.00This large food container is made of stainless steel and comes with an airtight cover.
Onyx Stainless Steel Straws, Set of 4US $12.00This fantastic plastic alternative is great for the movies, concerts, picnics, you name it.
ÜlloÜllo Wine PurifierUS $80.00It not only filters out wine’s sulfates and sediments, but aerates it, too.
de MamielAltitude OilUS $48.00For when things are up in the air.
VotaryPillow Spray - Lavender and ChamomileUS $52.00The ultimate pre-bedtime treatment—a rose/lavender/chamomile spray for pillows and sheets.
StasherReusable Sandwich Bag SetUS $24.00Good for P&Js, BLTs, and the environment.
Penguin Random HouseThe 4-Hour BodyUS $27.00Tim Ferriss will completely change how you look at weight-loss, sex, and more.
Olio E OssoBalmUS $28.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: A deep-hydrating lip/cheek balm with gorgeous, sheer color.
No 2 French Melon
No 3 Crimson
No 4 Berry
No 5 Currant
No 6 Bronze
No 9 Spring
No 10 Tea Rose
goop x GreenPangoop Exclusive 10" & 12" Covered Frypan SetUS $120.00What your kitchen's been missing.
goop PressThe Clarity CleanseUS $27.00Clear your mind, heal your body.
Ursa MajorEssential Face WipesUS $24.00A miracle cleanser infused into individually-wrapped face wipes.
EyeJustBlue Light Blocking Screen ProtectorUS $35.00Screen time avenger.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Foam RollerUS $44.95FOR BODY: Roll it out.
LarqThe LARQ Self-Cleaning BottleUS $95.00We repeat: It's a self-cleaning bottle.
Bamboozle Bamboo Compost Bin US $44.00Goes well with a New Years' resolution to reduce waste.
Tennen Studio Ironwood Thorn Long Stick Incense Box of 50US $44.00Smells like an evening in a cozy log cabin feels.
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