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Afternoon Shop

Afternoon Shop

Streaming a yoga class, shaking and dancing, rolling, walking with your kids: Do what you can to move, release some energy, and take care of your body.
17 items in Afternoon Shop
OPTPLoRox Aligned Life KitUS $65.95All the tools you need for the greatest at-home self-massage ever.
Ursa MajorEssential Face WipesUS $24.00A miracle cleanser infused into individually-wrapped face wipes.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Foam RollerUS $53.95FOR BODY: Roll it out.
Four SigmaticSuperfood Protein Packets US $40.00Protein powder with superpowers.
GlacceClear Quartz Crystal-Infused Water BottleUS $80.00Drinking good vibes.
UMAPure EnergyUS $85.00FOR ENERGIZING: A wake-up call for your pulse points.
VitamixVitamix Ascent Series 3500 BlenderUS $599.99Mix-a-lot.
MandukaGRP Yoga MatUS $128.00A yoga mat that grips for you.
CorpusNatural DeodorantUS $24.00A beautiful water-based deodorant made with botanical extracts clinically proven to help combat both odor and sweat.
LunyaPima RomperUS $168.00For sleeping, lounging, weekend-ing…
Herban EssentialsLavender TowelettesUS $16.00Brilliantly portable, these are infused with pure lavender oil.
Dr. Barbara SturmHydrating Face Mist US $95.00This unique hyaluronic acid mist soothes and moisturizes skin.
EIR NYCCooling Butter and ArnicaUS $24.00We keep this cooling balm in our first aid kit to soothe everything from sore muscles to bruises. The relief is instant, and the cooling sensation helps, too.
ElvieElvie TrainerUS $199.00Level up your pelvic floor exercise.
Bala BanglesWeighted Wrist Bangles US $49.00One pound can make a world of difference.
Heather Grey
42 Birds"The Robin" Cork Yoga MatUS $100.00A friend to downward dog—and the environment.Sold Out
TangramSmartRope ChromeUS $80.00Jumpin', jumpin'.Sold Out
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