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Evening Shop

Evening Shop

Maybe the sun has set and you’re still in your pajamas from the night before—but hey, now you’re ahead. Wherever you’re at, we hope you have a moment for you: to read, to call a friend, to laugh. And we hope you get some sleep—it’s one of the best medicines.
22 items in Evening Shop
vitruvi x goopgoop-Exclusive Stone DiffuserUS $119.00Our favorite diffuser, now in a goop-exclusive French grey.Exclusive
Smile MakersThe Tennis Coach VibratorUS $55.00Working on your self-service game.
Wylde OneYoga in a CupUS $35.00An adaptogenic elixir.
UMAPure Calm Wellness CandleUS $68.00One of the prettiest candles we’ve ever seen—or smelled.
SlipBlack Eye MaskUS $50.00This luxuriously soft eye mask made of long-fiber mulberry silk glides over skin for blissful, uninterrupted sleep.
Smile MakersThe Millionaire VibratorUS $55.00Feels like a million bucks.
Intelligent ChangeThe Five-Minute JournalUS $24.95Give the gift of positive psychology.
goop Beauty“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath SoakUS $35.00SOOTHING BATH SOAK: Takes the edge off during turbulent times, or after a crazy day.
Kin EuphoricsDream Light US $39.00An alcohol-free spirit for winding down.
de MamielAltitude OilUS $48.00For when things are up in the air.
SandovalInterior Aromatic - LoveUS $46.00Love's in the air.
IncausaPalo Santo Wood Hand-Pressed IncenseUS $12.00Not only is it incredible-smelling, it’s so pretty you don’t even need to wrap it.
Dame ProductsPom VibratorUS $95.00A soft, super-bendy, waterproof vibrator with five different pattern and intensity settings.
HeguAcupressure RingsUS $55.00Pressure point rings for occasional headaches.
Dame ProductsEva II VibratorUS $135.00The hands-free vibrator.
MonrowBasic Rib TankUS $63.00Monrow goes back to basics in the best way.
Alpyn BeautyCalming Midnight Mask with Melatonin & Wild DandelionUS $68.00Moisturize, detoxify, and plump your skin overnight with this miracle mask made with wild dandelion, magnesium, valerian root, and bakuchiol.
Four SigmaticMushroom Hot Cacao mix with ReishiUS $20.00A soothing, chocolatey way to end the day.
MorihataWashable Leather Room Shoes (Unisex)US $196.00Slip into something more comfortable.
vitruvi x goopThe Goop BundleUS $100.00Four essential scents in one custom set.Sold OutExclusive
goop WellnessKnock Me OutUS $55.00Mint chocolate, meet melatonin.Sold Out
UMAPure CalmUS $85.00What mellow smells like.Sold Out
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