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GP's Picks

Everything GP is loving in the goop Shop. Plus, all the key kitchen players and non-toxic bathroom essentials stashed inside her cabinets right now.
181 items in GP's Picks
G. LabelPaul Army Jacket$795.00“This is the kind of piece you keep on hand for the warm-to-cool transition—it goes over a giant fluffy sweater just as easily as it does a T-shirt.” —GP
G. LabelThea Sweater$595.00“This sexy boyfriend sweater is the perfect oversize shape, so you can see a little bit of bra peeking out from the deep V-neck.” —GP
Rejina PyoBodie Trousers$475.00Strikes a balance between elegant and utilitarian.
HoorsenbuhsDame Tri-Link Ring with Diamond Bridges$1,100.00Each link is connected by a diamond-studded bridge to really boost the drama.
G. LabelO'Neill Slim Tuxedo Shirt$295.00“A perfectly tailored crisp white shirt to wear anywhere, with anything.” —GP
G. LabelDmitri Wide-Leg Cargo Pants$495.00“I love that you can roll up the hems to accommodate sneakers, but they also look so great with heels.” —GP
JosephRainer Military Silk Button-Down Shirt$745.00We like it best buttoned all the way up to the pointed collar.
Sofie D'HoorePetrina Prince Of Wales Plaid Pants$670.00Nineties-inspired in the best possible way.
MANU AtelierPristine Bag$575.00This sleek messenger bag is a MANU Atelier signature.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Necklace with Classic Tri-Links$3,600.00Heavy metal.
G. LabelStephen Boyfriend Tee$145.00“In keeping with the masculine theme, this roll-sleeve tee is the ideal, slightly boxy, own-it-forever T-shirt.” —GP
Grey Melange
Sofie D'HoorePilar Virgin Wool Pants$560.00Go all in on edgy with futuristic sneakers and an equally punchy color up top.
JosephHecktor Teddy Sheepskin Coat$2,495.00Looks particularly sharp with the oversized collar flipped up.Coming Soon
BassikeStripe Boxy Classic Crew Tank Top$100.00The raw-finish armholes and contrast crewneck add a jolt of whimsy.
Nili LotanFrench Military Pants$325.00Comfortable enough to wear all day while still maintaining a tailored profile.
Sophie RatnerDiamond Hoop Drop Earrings$530.00They appear to float on their own in the most beautiful way.
Sofie D'HooreMaravilla Fine Cashmere Striped Sweater$1,100.00Candy striper.
Spencer VladimirOn-the-Fringe V-Neck Cashmere Sweater$1,250.00A fun, fringed riff on the classic.Coming Soon
G. LabelMadeline Wide-Leg Utility Pants$425.00“Exactly what they sound like: These are the easiest, hardest-working pants ever.” —GP
MM6High-Top Sneakers$525.00Funky and fresh.
HoorsenbuhsQuad-Link Ring With Diamonds$6,500.00Symbolizes strength and opulence.
Brock CollectionDisco Button-Up Short-Sleeve Dress$1,690.00The dreamboat of floral dresses.
ClergerieBarbara Flatform Loafers$595.00The stacked sole adds significant inches.
Rejina PyoMadison Cotton Military Dress$670.00A pretty change of pace from standard shift dresses or blouse-and-skirt pairings.
G. LabelEvan Tomboy Sweater$595.00“This one goes out to everyone who loves knits and stripes as much as I do.” —GP
Nili LotanLibson Black Pants$425.00Beyond the elevated shade, they look dressy without even trying thanks to those delicate pleats.
Nili LotanSedella Plush Oversized Coat$1,395.00Made to last faux-ever thanks to the goes-with-everything shade.
G. LabelMel High-Rise Denim$295.00Why chose between jeans and culottes when you can have the best of both worlds?
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