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How to Look Wide-Awake in 3 Minutes

How to Look Wide-Awake in 3 Minutes

A night of less sleep—or more alcohol, late-night email, or time on the red-eye—than is ideal can seriously affect the way you look and feel the next morning. Cold water to the face, a glass of green juice, and a shot of caffeine all help. That said, a nontoxic beauty cabinet is full of super-effective, decidedly pleasurable ways to clear the cobwebs so you feel—and look—as full of energy as humanly possible. Here, some of the secret weapons that get us through.
9 items in How to Look Wide-Awake in 3 Minutes
RMS Beauty"Un" Cover-UpUS $36.00FOR SOFTENING BLEMISHES/DARK CIRCLES: This moisturizing cover-up smoothes blemishes and blends easily.
Vintner's DaughterActive Botanical SerumUS $185.00FOR NORMAL/PROBLEM SKIN: This is a skin-transforming oil, thanks to an infusion of 22 active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils.
Ursa MajorFantastic Face WashUS $28.00FOR NORMAL SKIN: This refreshing cleanser leaves skin clear, calm, and so moisturized.
Tata HarperLip And Cheek TintUS $39.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: This earns two-in-one pride of place in every purse, desk drawer, and makeup cabinet.
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W3LL PEOPLEExpressionist Liquid EyelinerUS $18.00FOR DEFINED EYES: At last—clean, nontoxic liquid eyeliner! Equally brilliant for a natural, defined eye or full-on-Sophia Loren.
goop by Juice BeautyPerfecting Eye CreamUS $90.00 / US $80.00 with subscriptionRichly emollient, this smooths skin for a more youthful appearance.
goop BeautyG.Tox Ultimate Dry BrushUS $20.00FOR EXFOLIATING/SMOOTH SKIN: Sweeps away dead skin to reveal glowing and smooth skin.
goop BeautyG.DAY Ginger + Ashwagandha Energy Body WashUS $32.00TO ENERGIZE SKIN: An invigorating plant-based body cleanser to refresh your skin and help clear your mind.
MANASI 7Precision MascaraUS $49.00FOR DEFINED LASHES: A Deep-black mascara that defines and strengthens lashes for wide-awake eyes.
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