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Solutions for Chapped Lips

Solutions for Chapped Lips

It isn’t just cold (and the dry heat that comes with it) that chaps lips. Exposure to sun, salt water, and chlorine, plus even regularly-applied lipstick (conventional lipsticks can contain chemicals that make their pigments last longer, at the expense of leaching moisture) are all reasons the delicate lip area (which has no oil glands) can become dry, chapped, and rough.
Finding a great lip balm—and regularly applying it, regardless of the season—can make a huge difference. Made with nourishing, super-moisturizing, clean, and nontoxic ingredients, these lip treatments coddle and soothe like nobody’s business. And most are great on any dry spot, anywhere (nipple balm anyone? It’s actually the best). They’re the secret ingredient to making lipstick go on smoother, and several even have gorgeous tints of their own (that also happen to look fantastic on cheeks).
6 items in Solutions for Chapped Lips
Olio E OssoBalmUS $28.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: A deep-hydrating lip/cheek balm with gorgeous, sheer color.
No 2 French Melon
No 3 Crimson
No 4 Berry
No 5 Currant
No 6 Bronze
No 9 Spring
No 10 Tea Rose
All GoodLip Balm Coconut SPF 20US $3.50SPF BALM: Equal parts super-moisturizing and sun-protecting.
Olio E OssoNo. 0 - Netto BalmUS $28.00THICK BALM: Infused with menthol to stimulate the senses, this is also rich and moisturizing.
Grown AlchemistWatermelon & Vanilla Lip BalmUS $23.00LIGHT BALM: Smells absolutely incredible, and soothes and moisturizes on contact.
Balmyard BeautyBaby Love Balm Lip + Cheek TintUS $32.00TINTED LIP + CHEEK BALM: This moisturizing lip stain gets its gorgeous pigment from Caribbean hibiscus.
Cherry Oh
Candy Girl
Black Roses
LOVE + SAGEDaydreams Lip BalmUS $12.00LIGHT BALM: Six nourishing organic oils, one perfect lip balm.
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