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Mood Shop

Inside our bag of mood-boosting tricks: the things that help shift you from wired, stressed, or grumpy to totally relaxed.
17 items in Mood Shop
OuraOura RingUS $299.00A comprehensive wellness tracker that fits on your finger.
vitruviStone DiffuserUS $119.00HEALTHY HOME SCENT: The fan-favorite diffuser.
vitruviLavender Essential OilUS $18.00Soothing.
goop WellnessThe Mother LoadUS $90.00 / US $75.00 with subscription"Motherhood is amazing, but pregnancy is taxing, in every sense of the word."
Kin EuphoricsHigh RhodeUS $39.00A nonalcoholic spirit for the happiest of hours.
Kin EuphoricsKin SpritzUS $27.00The ideal party companion.
MandukaCork Yoga BlockUS $20.00Our number one supporter.
goop Beauty“The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath SoakUS $35.00SOOTHING BATH SOAK: Takes the edge off during turbulent times, or after a crazy day.
Kin EuphoricsDream Light US $39.00An alcohol-free spirit for winding down.
SkinDouble Layer Wrap Robe - 34"US $168.00Fitted and finished with a removable waist-tie for styling it the casual way.
Pearl Pink
Heather Grey
IncausaLarge Standard Singing Bowl SetUS $185.00Everything you need to help your meditation practice, in one beautiful bundle.
BlueconyIKUKO Original Meditation Bench, Travel VersionUS $135.00Psst… the wooden legs pop right off, so you can fold it up and meditate anytime, anywhere.
MandukaAlign Yoga 8' StrapUS $16.00Holding things together.
MandukaGRP Yoga MatUS $128.00A yoga mat that grips for you.
UMAPure CalmUS $85.00What mellow smells like.Sold Out
The FullestSaffron Latte 7ozUS $64.00A creamy, warming, spicy cup.Sold Out
vitruviBergamot Essential OilUS $15.00Bright.Sold Out
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