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The Beauty Benefits of Salt

The Beauty Benefits of Salt

Whether it’s more restful sleep, smoother skin, or a tastier rice bowl, high-quality salt plays an amazingly beneficial role in our lives.
5 items in The Beauty Benefits of Salt
Shiva RoseSea Siren Body ScrubUS $65.00The most moisturizing, skin-silkening body-butter scrub. Ever.
PursomaMinerals De MerUS $14.00This nourishing sea mineral soak is both cleansing and relaxing.
ilaBath Salts For Inner PeaceUS $78.00Himalyan sea salt and exquisite essential oils promote beautiful inner peace.
NaturopathicaSweet Birch Magnesium Bath FlakesUS $38.00These flakes dissolve into a bath, making for a deeply relaxing end-of-day ritual.
Lavett & ChinSea Salt Texturizing MistUS $35.00FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This is like a full day by the ocean in a bottle.
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