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The Best of Wellness

The Best of Wellness

Gold-standard ingestibles, stress-busters, and more wellness gems.
189 items in The Best of Wellness
BodhaLinen Ritual Aromatherapy Eye Pillow US $38.00Resting this luxurious linen aromatherapy pillow filled with lavender, chamomile, and buckwheat over your eyes feels so good. New
Le WandLe Wand PetiteUS $135.00Smaller, lighter, and just as mighty.New
HereticSlightly Bitter US $75.00Pink grapefruit and neroli blossoms contrast beautifully with tomato leaf and cassis in this gorgeous, sophisticated new candle.
RASAThe Well JournalUS $28.00Mindful eating, put to paper.
goop WellnessPerfect AttendanceUS $55.00Keep up.
Things Are Looking UpOptimism On DeckUS $40.00A little lift.
goop BeautyGOOPGLOW Morning Skin SuperpowderUS $60.00 / US $55.00 with subscriptionDrink your way to glowing skin with a power shot of antioxidants.
HeguAcupressure RingsUS $55.00Pressure point rings for occasional headaches.
G. Sport x Proenza SchoulerDouble-Layer Midi Sports BraUS $125.00Sleek, supportive, and built for stamina, this dual-layer, strap-happy sports bra is the kind you don’t cover up.
goop WellnessHigh School GenesUS $90.00 / US $75.00 with subscription"My body isn’t responding to diet and exercise the way it used to."
Smile MakersThe Ballerina VibratorUS $200.00An external vibrator with a squishy-but-firm texture.New
L-Nutra (Prolon)The ProLon DietUS $249.00A five-day meal kit that takes the burden out of fasting.
Penguin Random HouseThe Longevity DietUS $26.00The science behind the fasting-mimicking diet.
GenexaStress ReliefUS $15.00The homeopathic chill pill.
goop BeautyScented Candle: Edition 01 – ChurchUS $72.00A scent of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.
HachetteMediterranean: Naturally Nutritious Recipes From The World's Healthiest DietUS $20.00For the self-professed lazy cook, from a self-professed lazy cook.
WTHNRun the World US $45.00Keep your cool.
goop WellnessMadame OvaryUS $90.00 / US $75.00 with subscription"As I'm noticing the signs of perimenopause, I feel like my body needs more support."
UMAPure Calm Wellness Set US $125.00Cool, calm, collected.
WelleCoSuper Booster Aquatic Collagen Skin + Hair + NailsUS $55.00A beauty-supporting mixable for your favorite drink.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Life KitUS $60.00All the tools you need for the greatest at-home self-massage ever.
goop PressThe Sex IssueUS $26.00THE SEX MANUAL: An informative, revelatory read that gets at everything we’ve always wondered about sex and relationships.
HereticThis Smells Like My Vagina CandleUS $75.00What does it smell like? Citrusy bergamot, geranium, and cedar juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed. Exclusive
MandukaPro Travel Yoga MatUS $68.00Thin and light and packable.
goop PressThe Postnatal Depletion Cure: A Complete Guide to Rebuilding Your HealthUS $27.00A comprehensive guide to women’s health for every mother—new or years out.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Foam RollerUS $44.95FOR BODY: Roll it out.
UMAPure CalmUS $85.00What mellow smells like.
TheragunTheragun G3US $399.00A powerful athletic massage that fits in your hand.
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