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The Body Whisperer Shop

The Body Whisperer Shop

There are several reasons why we call structural alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh the body whisperer. And you don't need a one-on-one with her to see what we mean. Because, here, you'll find all of Lo's best at-home tools for getting our bodies back on track. And for resetting and releasing stress so our minds can follow.
7 items in The Body Whisperer Shop
goop PressThe Power SourceUS $27.00Body whisperer Lauren Roxburgh’s toolbox for aligning the body’s five power centers—and aligning your life, too.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Life KitUS $65.95All the tools you need for the greatest at-home self-massage ever.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Foam RollerUS $53.95FOR BODY: Roll it out.
OPTPLoRox Aligned Travel Foam RollerUS $19.95So you never have to slow your roll.
OPTPLoRox Infinity RollerUS $17.95Curves that hit all the right (and hard-to-reach) spots.
OPTPLoRox Aligned DomeUS $27.95Two is better than one.
OPTPLoRox Body SphereUS $22.95Have a ball.
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