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The Bright-Side Shop

Everything you need for a spring reboot, from palette-cleansing porcelain to plush cashmere throws.
31 items in The Bright-Side Shop
Anne Black Bloom Vase, Medium$40.00A palette-cleansing vessel handcrafted in Vietnam.
Cinnamon ProjectsRose Quartz Burner + Incense Set$295.00An incense burner made of rose quartz and brass, plus a pack of soothing incense.
espanyoletSencelles Hand-Painted Hemp Blanket$450.00A nod to a traditional Mallorcan wedding blanket.Sold Out
Sien + Co Grana Handwoven Pillow$280.00Functions like a neutral on your living room couch.
Anne Black Bloom Big Vase, Extra-Large$88.00Adds a finishing touch to any design scheme.
Light Green
Morrow Emerson Throw Blanket$299.00Printed with pretty multicolor stripes, this throw looks as great as it feels; made of baby alpaca wool, it's even softer than cashmere.
Anne Black Stripe Narrow Vase, Medium$40.00Scandinavian-designed, Vietnam-made.
Anne Black Stripe Narrow Jug, Large$76.00Doubles as a chic vase for your farmers’ market blooms.Sold Out
Anne Black Stripe Drop Vase, Low$32.00A beautiful way to liven up any space.
Bolé RoadAfar Pillow$185.00Inspired by the blue skies from the Afar region.
Anne Black Kyst Jug, Large$72.00A cheery addition to your countertops.
Bolé RoadBale Pillow$185.00Beautifully handwoven in Ethiopia.
Anne Black Contain Drop Vase, Tall$32.00The tear-drop shape is a welcome addition to any space.
MATCH PewterBud Vase$125.00Handmade in solid Italian pewter, this bud vase is gorgeous (and unbreakable).Sold Out
MATCH PewterPetite Pewter Rimmed Vase$195.00Handmade by artisans in Northern Italy, this gorgeous vase has a subtle, rustic-chic look that wears beautifully.
Bolé RoadSelam Pillow$175.00Adds subtle dimension to any design scheme.
Bolé RoadBertu Pillow$185.00Handwoven from 100-percent Ethiopian cotton.
Bolé RoadDessie Pillow$175.00Handspun from luxurious Ethiopian cotton.
AiayuHamish Wool Throw$450.00Outshines the rest with rich ribbed knit.
MATCH PewterVaso$265.00A solid pewter vase, handmade in Italy, in a timeless, goes-with-everything design.
SKULTUNAVia Fondazza Slim Brass Vase$160.00Functions as a perfect display for stems, even doubling as a fancy objet d’art when not in use.
SKULTUNATea Light Holder, Set of 5$120.00The mismatched circular shapes look incredibly elegant both clustered and spread out.Sold Out
SKULTUNAVia Fondazza Wide Brass Vase$160.00Inspired by the works of Italian artist, Giorgio Morandi.
AiayuHandspun Cashmere Pillow $408.00Cozy in the front, beachy in the back.
AiayuDee Wool Pillow$185.00Ethically-sourced llama wool softens this lumbar shape.
Frost Grey
AiayuHeather Wool Pillow $325.00Just like your coziest waffle-knit sweater, but in cushion form.
AiayuIsolde Wool Throw $420.00On the fringe.
Sien + Co Nube Handwoven Throw$470.00Especially useful for curling up fireside or snuggling up on the couch.Sold Out
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