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The Face Oils that Can Make Your Skin Look Better Instantly

The Face Oils that Can Make Your Skin Look Better Instantly

Perhaps the ultimate skin secret, face oil has been used by people all over the world for millennia. Makeup artists, who love only what makes their clients look (quickly) fantastic, have been slathering it on clients for years; slowly, word spread. (Sophia Loren credits a lifetime of olive-oil baths as one of the reasons her skin remains so beautiful.) The truth in all but the most extreme cases is face oil can absolutely change your life, not to mention your skin. Your skin might look and feel better. You might need less makeup. And you might find you need fewer skin care items altogether.
10 items in The Face Oils that Can Make Your Skin Look Better Instantly
Vintner's DaughterActive Botanical SerumUS $185.00FOR NORMAL/PROBLEM SKIN: This is a skin-transforming oil, thanks to an infusion of 22 active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils.
KYPRISBeauty Elixir I – 1,000 RosesUS $230.00FOR NORMAL/DRY SKIN: This active elixir made from roses transforms dull, tired skin.
ilaFace Oil For Glowing RadianceUS $118.00FOR DEWY SKIN: An ultra-hydrating botanical formula for naturally glowing skin.
Herbivore BotanicalsLapis Facial OilUS $72.00FOR CLOGGED PORES: The most luxe oil for soothing problem skin ever.
RodinLuxury Face OilUS $170.00Rich and wildly deluxe, this is the face oil that put face oils on the map.
LavidoReplenishing Facial SerumUS $59.00FOR UNDER MAKEUP: This is brilliant to put on before makeup for glowy, supple skin.
Maya ChiaSupercritical Omega-3 Chia OilUS $60.00FOR LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION: Chia oil is lightweight, super-nourishing, and an antioxidant—amazing for skin.
May LindstromThe Youth Dew Hydrating Facial SerumUS $140.00FOR INSTANT GLOW: A moisturizing, enzyme-infused serum/oil for gorgeous skin.
goop by Juice BeautyEnriching Face OilUS $110.00 / US $98.00 with subscriptionFOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Made with a pure blend of 11 organic oils, this leaves skin remarkably soft and glowing.
Herbivore BotanicalsPhoenix Cell Regenerating Facial OilUS $88.00FOR DRY SKIN: This gorgeous amber face oil is infused with powerful botanical oils.
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