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The Formula for Shiny, Bouncy Hair

The Formula for Shiny, Bouncy Hair

Switching out conventional, potentially toxic beauty essentials for clean, nontoxic ones is more challenging with hair products—simply because most people are more terrified to experiment with their hair than, say, their lipstick. The silicones, plastics, and polymers the conventional hair industry uses to make your hair look shiny often work against hair health by drying it or by building up and creating dullness. But give yourself a few weeks with a clean routine, and we promise, your hair will look healthier, happier, and seriously gleamier.
12 items in The Formula for Shiny, Bouncy Hair
True BotanicalsNourishing ShampooUS $34.00FOR NORMAL/DRY HAIR: This is an incredibly luxurious, gorgeous-smelling, rich shampoo.
AquisLisse Luxe Hair TowelUS $30.00FIGHTS FRIZZ: This super-absorbent, ultra-gentle towel dries your hair faster and helps prevent frizz.
goop BeautyG.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub ShampooUS $42.00FOR CLARIFYING/ALL HAIR TYPES: This unique whipped shampoo purifies and detoxifies all at once.
InnersenseQuiet Calm Curl ControlUS $26.00FOR CURLS: This is the ultimate styling cream for smoothing and moisturizing curls.
InnersenseColor Radiance Daily ConditionerUS $30.00FOR COLOR-TREATED HAIR: A rich conditioner for color treated hair.
UMANourishing Hair OilUS $70.00FOR DRY HAIR/ENDS: This is safe for color-treated hair—and smells heavenly.
RahuaOmega 9 Hair MaskUS $42.00FOR INTENSE MOISTURE: This mask works on dry, damaged, colored, or heat-treated hair.
SlipWhite Queen Pillow CaseUS $89.00FOR SMOOTH HAIR: This pure mulberry-silk pillow qualifies as a full-on beauty treatment, helping to discourage split ends—and encourage smooth skin.
SlipSilk Scrunchies - SmallUS $39.00FOR BOUNCY PONYTAILS: These gleamy pure silk hair ties protect your hair and—miraculously—really stay in place.
SlipSilk Scrunchies - LargeUS $39.00They go to great lengths to protect your hair from breaking, snagging, and ponytail dents.
Lavett & ChinLeave On ConditionerUS $42.00FOR ALL HAIR TYPES/HEAT STYLING: This delivers hair that looks bouncy and gleaming, with silky texture.Sold Out
RodinLuxury Hair OilUS $70.00FOR DRY HAIR/ENDS: Formulated for damaged hair, this oil is deeply nourishing, smells beautifully of botanicals, and leaves hair looking really shiny.Sold Out
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