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The Get-It-On Shop

The Get-It-On Shop

Non-toxic lube/body oils, goop-approved toys, and accessories for the most fun you can have with your clothes off.
13 items in The Get-It-On Shop
Betony VernonMINI CUFF + SADO-CHIC CHAIN MINI + O’R MINIUS $1,505.00This three-in-one jewelry set doubles as a plaything in the bedroom.
Betony VernonBenWa Balls Ø2US $885.00Strengthen your kegels and have a better orgasm all at once.
Betony VernonDOUBLE SPHERE MASSAGE RINGUS $795.00A sensual massage tool that doubles as a statement ring.
SustainCondom Variety Gift SetUS $29.00
Betony VernonO RING BAND (LARGE)US $800.00Symbolic of the most intimate bond—and convertible, in the best possible way.
Province ApothecaryLover's OilUS $32.00SEXY MASSAGE OIL
Betony VernonMARABOU PLEASURE PUFF RINGUS $673.00A delicate feather tickler that turns into a cocktail ring outside of the bedroom.
Province ApothecarySex OilUS $28.00
FurFur OilUS $46.00Yep, that fur.
ElvieElvie TrainerUS $199.00Level up your pelvic floor exercise.Free Gift
SliquidOrganics Natural 4.2 ozUS $15.00
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