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The Heat Wave Shop

The Heat Wave Shop

Because sweltering times call for uncomplicated measures.
32 items in The Heat Wave Shop
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Necklace with Classic Tri-LinksUS $3,600.00Heavy metal.
HereticDirty GingerUS $65.00The pure, spicy-clean energy of ginger mixes with lime, pepper, palo santo, and vetiver, for a scent that’s wild, fresh and sexy.
Jennifer Fisher x goopGoop HoopsUS $200.00Shiny silver hoops you can wear on the daily.
HoorsenbuhsDame Tri-Link Ring with Diamond BridgesUS $1,100.00Each link is connected by a diamond-studded bridge to really boost the drama.
LunyaPima RomperUS $168.00For sleeping, lounging, weekend-ing…
BeautycounterNourishing Rosewater MistUS $36.00This mist, scented with real rose, is instantly uplifting.
SkinSexy Slip Dress - 34"US $68.00Made from arguably the coziest Pima jersey on the planet.
Pearl Pink
Heather Grey
K JacquesPanda PG SandalsUS $320.00In pale-pink leather, these strappy gladiators are more preppy than edgy.
Kim DunhamSpirit Animal RingUS $2,800.00Find your spirit animal.
HereticDirty LemonUS $65.00Lemon, pink and black pepper, sandalwood, and ylang ylang combine in a fragrance that’s sexy, sunny, and just a little but dark.
WixsonSilk Triangle BraletteUS $467.00Made in France with couture-like precision.
Jennifer Fisher x goopGwyneth HoopsUS $220.00Lends everyday looks an artful edge.
K JacquesTonkin SandalsUS $283.00The deep-sea hue looks right at home seaside.
Karen WalkerRebellion Burgundy SunglassesUS $270.00Retro with a super-modern finish.
Sensi StudioStriped Lined Bucket BagUS $207.00The structural shape lends itself to décor or storage purposes in the off-season, too.
ATM Anthony Thomas MelilloSchoolboy Crew TeeUS $85.00The shape of this cotton slub tee falls right between fitted and relaxed—not too loose, not too tight.
BirkenstockArizona Soft-Footbed SandalsUS $135.00Statement-making and a bit old school, too.
Essential Rose LifeSacred Presence MistUS $35.00Orange blossom water and bergamot essential oils delicately cleanse and rehydrate skin.
K JacquesCorylis Wraparound BG SandalsUS $313.00A slick take on strappy leather gladiators.
Karen WalkerDeep Worship White SunglassesUS $250.00Brings a whole new meaning to pearly whites.
WolfordJamaika BodysuitUS $195.00Beautifully body-skimming and (literally) seamless.
HereticPistil WhipUS $65.00Lush gardenia and tuberose combine with spicy pink pepper and black tea in a stunning scent.
Karen WalkerDeep Freeze Black SunglassesUS $220.00The sporty cousin of the classic wayfarer.
MarniColor-Block Leather Borsa Tracolla BagUS $1,850.00Color-block party.
LunyaWashable Silk SetUS $178.00Found: a silk sleep set that’s miraculously machine washable.
Deep Night
Jennifer Fisher x goopGoop HoopsUS $200.00Best part is, they feel almost weightless.
Lavett & ChinCoconut Moisturizing Facial MistUS $42.00The ultimate rejuvenating, beautifying, use-it-anytime mist.
K JacquesTortelo SandalsUS $320.00City or sand—they’re as versatile as it gets.
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