Mind, Body & Office Detox

Everything required for a (literal) head-to-toe reset, from workout accessories like yoga mats and foam rollers, to tools for the just-as-important mental detox, in the form of the complete “Be” library.

goopThe goop Medicine Bag$85.00Inspired by the Shaman’s medicine bag from various indigenous traditions, this (goop-exclusive) pouch holds magically charged stones: citrine, clear quartz, black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and chrysocolla (also known as The Goddess Stone).
Hachettegoop Clean Beauty$30.00The ultimate guide to the goop lifestyle, from eating clean, getting good sleep, and making sure that everything else—adrenals, hormones, micronutrients, hydration, mood—is in balance, to how to have glowing skin.
Clearlight SaunasCedar 2-Person Sauna$3,795.00This infrared sauna—GP’s personal choice—is the ultimate detoxifying tool.
Yoga ZealMoon Mat$75.00An ingenious combination of mat and towel, it’s specially designed for Bikram, hot yoga, and Pilates: It magically grips better the more you sweat.
Clearlight SaunasNordic Spruce 2-Person Sauna$2,595.00This infrared sauna—GP’s personal choice—is the ultimate detoxifying tool
VoorayStride Cinch Backpack$30.00This floral backpack is an adorable alternative to the utilitarian go-bag.
Electric & RoseYoga Towel$65.00Spread this sweat-wicking yoga towel on your mat before a hot class to keep things from getting slippery when you start to sweat.


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bkr x goopgoop Water Bottle$35.00 This is BPA-free, phthalate-free, spill-free; it fits most cup holders, goes in all dishwashers.
JaswigNomad Standing Desk$449.00The chicest standing desk on the market, this is the only height-adjustable ergonomic standing desk on the market made of real wood.
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