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We set out to create a technical, high-performance athletic line that is simultaneously as simple and elegant as possible (no overt branding or bells and whistles)—it’s a quietly confident approach to activewear that’s amplified by the woman wearing it, not the other way around. This is a line you can sweat and live in.


Core pieces to serve as studio-to-street building blocks, because what you wear to run/dance/ downward dog shouldn’t hold you back the rest of the day.

We targeted strategic aesthetic subtleties: silhouette-defining flat-lock seams, plush elastic support, and grounded shades of blue and grey in place of basic black.

We believe that the best thing about G. Sport is the woman wearing it. Every legging, tank, leotard, and sports bra is designed with her unique shape in mind.

“To me, fitness is a critical part of health and wellness—when a woman feels physically strong, her overall quality of life is enhanced. We designed G. Sport with the goal of providing women with mix-and-match performance pieces that are simultaneously technical, comfortable, and fashion-centric.”

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