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“The Martini”

Emotional Detox Bath Soak

(With Himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil)


Takes the edge off during turbulent
times, or after a crazy day.


Bedtime Bath Soak

(With valerian root and
Australian Sandalwood)


The answer to restless, sleepless nights.


Detox 5 Salt Bath Soak

(With glacial marine clay and activated charcoal)


Cleanses the body after the stresses
of daily life.

Phys. Ed.

Recovery Bath Soak

(With apple cider vinegar, arnica, and turmeric)


Helps you rebound more easily
after a tough workout.


Under the Weather Bath Soak

(With mustard powder, manuka,
and eucalyptus)


Fights off misery when you’re under
the weather.

“Each soak is extraordinary in its own right. We sourced the most powerful active ingredients we could find, from rare salts to miracle-working botanicals. They’re seriously life-changing.” — GP

Washing Away the Day

I fell in love with baths when I was filming "Emma" in the U.K. more than twenty years ago. Cold weather in England is deep, bone-chilling, and wet—the only thing that fixes it is a hot bath. Every single night on the film I would take one, a routine that has stuck with me to this day.

  • Later, when my kids were babies and toddlers, we always took baths together. We had this big bathtub in a dressing room—it even had a fireplace—that was so magical. It was the best room in the world.

    Over the years, as I read a lot, and saw various doctors, healers, and experts, I started experimenting with bath add-ons, like epsom salts, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, essential oils in various combinations. What I really wanted to do was bottle these concoctions, plus make it magical, and mystical, and as nourishing as a thermal hot springs. I kept thinking about swimming in nature: The ocean, dense with salt; a pond or lake replete with algae; the fluidity of a cold creek or stream that has the power to wash a bad day away.

  • So I went to Paul Kempisty, a NYC-based master herbalist and acupuncturist; there is a science to essential oils and botanicals, and he knows precisely how to harness it. We set out to create veritable potions to address those end-of-day states that we all know too well—emotional overwhelm, sore muscles, an incipient cold, a racing mind, a body that’s over-indulged—with a powerful and perfectly pre-metered blend of salts, essential oils, minerals, and botanicals. The mystical power of plants and natural bodies of water, distilled in a single package.

    I still take a bath every night; it’s an important ritual to putting an end cap on the day. So here’s to turning on the tap.

    love, gp

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