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Your favorite goop scent, now adorably scaled for travel.

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We’re lighting the fire of a perfume revolution: We craft sophisticated, sexy, original fragrances that go beyond non-toxic to entrance, heal and transform.

edition 02

A perfume of cool air, pale sun, new life unfurling on the forest floor.

“We worked with shiso as a primary scent, which is rare in the perfume world— it is closely hinged to the other notes, so it begins simply and then slowly opens up intvo spicy greens, crushed stems, and ancient exotic woods.” – GP

EAU DE PARFUM: EDITION 02 - SHISO travel spray
EAU DE PARFUM: EDITION 02 - SHISO travel spray 15 ml $55
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EAU DE PARFUM: EDITION 02 - SHISO 1.7 fl oz $165
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edition 01

A perfume of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.

“I wanted to evoke coziness, that warming quality in winter of being beside a crackling fire. There’s this feeling that’s sort of quiet, but alive and sexy all at the same time.” – GP

EAU DE PARFUM: EDITION 01 - Winter 1.7 fl oz $165
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“The more I learned about what’s in conventional fragrances, the more horrified I became.”
— GP

Mystical & healing

“goop fragrance is composed entirely of natural elements, harnessing the healing and even mystical powers of plants, flowers, and barks. Because of our commitment to clean beauty and transparency, we list every ingredient in our fragrance. We’re proud of our ingredients: They’re re not only non-toxic and safe; they also have many healing properties.” – GP


The word “fragrance” or “parfum” on any cosmetic label (scented or otherwise) functions as something of a Trojan horse: Fragrance can actually contain hundreds of (unlisted) ingredients because its contents are considered a trade secret. Companies are not required to disclose what’s “fragrance” on the ingredient labels of personal care products, so consumers don’t always know what they’re putting on their bodies.

With goop Fragrance, we created a scent directly from the natural world, to evoke a genuine, unguarded response within each person. Natural ingredients carry the imprint of their harvest, the subtleties and complexities of their own individual makeup, as well as an innate power to influence and heal. We respond to the magic of plants on an instinctual, primal level. In creating scent, we responded to the traditions of perfumery (which, before the 20th century, were made of natural materials), but also the traditions of homeopathy, herbology, and mysticism, even witchcraft.

When you create a fine fragrance using real, only-natural ingredients, you create something that’s alive. It’s something so different—physically, spiritually, energetically— than what you get with a synthetic. It’s not just the toxic ingredients that synthetics are composed of, it’s that they lack the true essence of the plants they’re imitating.

“The more I learned about what’s in conventional fragrances, the more horrified I became.”
— GP

In collaboration with perfumer Douglas Little

“Working with GP was a revelation,” says perfumer Douglas Little. “Almost instantly, we were geeking out on fragrance together, pulling out notes, describing scents we loved from the world—a winter forest in Yugoslavian, an early-spring one in Japan, the floorboards of an ancient church.” Little’s interest in natural perfumery came from a deep love of nature—but not the placid, benevolent nature most people envision. “Nature is terrifying and mysterious and wildly sexual and seductive and spiritual,” he says. “It’s feral and raw and wild. That rawness is what’s beautiful to me.”

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