goop Label: edition 10. Deep Dive. For part two of June edition, our multitalented Swim Suite (three pieces for pool, party, and everything else under the sun) and ‘70s throwback kaftan were designed to cover all the beach-to-brunch bases.
goop Label - Inspired by the pieces GP has worn, loved, and never been able to replace, each edition of instant closet classics is to be worn in that moment—and kept forever.
Buy Now. Monthly editions are meant for real-time wear—no winter coats in July—and launched in limited, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it runs.
Wear Now. Created in collaboration with some of our most talented friends, every stitch, button, and lapel was fastidiously considered.
Keep Forever. Expertly crafted, hardworking silhouettes (the kind you’ll return to again and again) that stand the test of time—in both quality and aesthetics.
I wanted chic swimwear solutions that would make packing for a beach holiday incredibly easy, without taking up valuable suitcase real estate.
— GP
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