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Summerill & Bishop x goopS&B Classic Champagne FluteUS $20.00A formal champagne flute with gorgeous detail—available only in the goop Shop.
Richard BrendonFluted Small CoupeUS $128.00This pure crystal coupe is beautifully detailed with hand-cut fluted sides.
Richard BrendonFluted Highball US $114.00A classic highball glass made of pure crystal with hand-cut fluting.
Nude Glass Mirage Highball Set of 4US $49.00Made of pure crystal, this set of highball glasses is a truly worthy investment.
Nude Glass Mirage White Wine Set of 2US $32.00Pure crystal white-wine glasses updated with an angular shape.
Nude Glass Dimple Martini Set of 2US $65.00Pure crystal martini glasses, dimpled at the base so the liquor fills the stem.
Andrew O. HughesHand-Blown Double Old Fashion Grey GlassUS $50.00A fresh take on the cocktail glass, this smoky-hued, hand-blown double old fashioned cup is substantial enough to work overtime as a water glass.
Andrew O. HughesHand-Blown Grey TumblerUS $50.00Though it's billed as a water glass, this hand-blown smoky-hued tumbler can also serve as an elegant alternative to a bud vase.
MATCH PewterCrystal Highball GlassUS $75.00A pure crystal cocktail glass made even more special with a solid-pewter base.
MATCH PewterPint GlassUS $74.00Made with a solid pewter base, this pint glass is bound to become a family heirloom.
SeraxCopper Chemistry GlassUS $22.00In true Serax fashion, a simple water glass is made extra-special with the addition of a wide copper band.
SeraxCopper Chemistry CarafeUS $45.00A wide copper band turns a simple glass carafe into an art piece that just happens to function as a pitcher.
Nude Glass Whiskey Decanter SetUS $160.00Sleek and simple.
Richard BrendonFluted Champagne FluteUS $192.00Look for the beautiful prism effect when light hits the hand-cut crystal.
Richard BrendonDiamond Shot Glasses Set of 2US $140.00A two-piece set of shot glasses made of pure, intricately hand-cut crystal.
MATCH PewterBedside carafe and TumblerUS $140.00A beautiful two-piece glass set with a thousand-and-one possible uses.
SOMA10-Cup Water PitcherUS $39.00Besides the BPA-free plastic, it has a plant-based filtration system and the lid automatically opens.
SOMA x goopgoop Glass Water BottleUS $32.00For each purchase, a donation is made to the nonprofit group, Charity:Water.
RiedelHandmade Crystal DecanterUS $600.00From Austria, with love.
Viski Black Marble Shot Glasses, Set of 2US $32.00A little swig goes a long way.
goop x CB2Wilton Highball GlassUS $9.95Because it’s five o’clock somewhere.
goop x CB2Wilton Double Old-Fashioned GlassUS $9.95Designed to stand on its own or to slip right over the Bedside pitcher.
goop x CB2Tinto Red WineUS $15.95Inspired by traditional European hand-blown glass.
goop x CB2Blanco White WineUS $15.95“European hand-blown glass is generally quite expensive. In this case, you’re not compromising quality while getting incredible value.” —GP
goop x CB2Bedside Glass PitcherUS $24.95What your nightstand has been missing.
goop x CB2Wilton Water GlassUS $9.95Tall enough so that you won’t have to get up for constant refills.
Zalto Hand-Blown Bordeaux Wine GlassUS $64.00For anything full-bodied, like a fruity Cabernet or a Bordeaux.
Zalto Hand-Blown Burgundy Wine GlassUS $65.00Pairs particularly well with a light Pinot Noir or a jammy Barbera.
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