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T. Adler BooksCalifornia Surfing and Climbing in the Fifties $40.00A coffee table classic.
Penguin Random HouseReal Love: The Truth about Finding Unconditional Love & Fulfilling Relationships$17.00Baer is firmly in the "you-get-out-of-it-what-you-put-into-it" camp of relationships.
Grand Central Life & StyleIt's All Good$34.00GP’s second cookbook includes 185 delicious, easy recipes that adhere to a healing, re-energizing elimination diet.
Penguin Random HouseJuice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing, and Living Well$20.00The ultimate illustrated guide to juicing, with 75 recipes for ultra-nutritious organic options along with milk drinks.
Houghton MifflinThe Whole30: THE 30-DAY GUIDE TO TOTAL HEALTH AND FOOD FREEDOM$30.00This program is designed to yield improvements in sleep quality, energy levels, mood, and even self-esteem.
HachetteGoop Clean Beauty$30.00The ultimate guide to the goop lifestyle, from eating clean, getting good sleep, and making sure that everything else—adrenals, hormones, micronutrients, hydration, mood—is in balance, to how to have glowing skin.
Penguin Random HouseKombucha!$20.00The ultimate get-started guide to making tangy, effervescent, probiotic-packed, enzyme-rich kombucha at home.
Juniper BooksThe Hunger Games Trilogy$99.00This set of the acclaimed trilogy of novels comes in a special, custom-designed jacket featuring main character Katniss in profile.
Penguin Random HouseThe Art Of Eating Well$35.00This internationally bestselling cookbook is packed with over 150 nourishing and fun recipes free from grain, gluten and refined sugar.
Juniper BooksLove Poems$85.00Best read outloud.


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ShinolaLinen Journal$20.00Say anything.
Peep's Paper Products x goopLover's Card Set$165.00For (strip) poker night.
PoketoWhite Marble Planner$36.00This elegant white marble planner has all the necessities in one perfectly sized, luxe package: yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily sections.
GRAFOnion Brass Paperweight$150.00This cleverly layered solid-brass onion trivet consists of three pieces, each of which can be used separately to hold warm dishes, cups, or practically anything else in your kitchen.
Wms & Co.Self-Inking Stamp: Copper + Black$185.00This personalized stamp balances timeless-classic design with a brilliant, high-tech self-inking functionality.
AreawarePrism Magnifier$28.00Made from glass crystal, this handy magnifier renders image and text at 1.5x the actual size.
PoketoLarge Gold Moment Journal$30.00This planner has all the essentials, along with generous, additional blank sections for taking notes—all printed on beautiful, thick paper.
PoketoBlack Marble Planner$36.00This elegant black marble planner has all the necessities in one perfectly sized, luxe package: yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily sections.
PogliaAnvil Paper Weight$88.00This anvil paperweight is a play on one of the most-used pieces in Italian designer Max Poglia’s workshop, used for forging knives.
ITO BinderyA6 Paper$16.00It’s a fact that good-looking stationery makes writing grocery lists and reminders-to-self approximately that much more enjoyable.
Clare Crespo2017 Hurray Today Calendar$35.00Made by one of the coolest crafting geniuses on earth, this quirky/cute/cool illustrated calendar is food-themed and gorgeously colorful.
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