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HarioCopper Pour Over Kettle$192.00The spout’s slender gooseneck shape allows for extreme precision (especially when paired with the matching copper dripper).
HarioPaper Coffee Filter$4.00High quality paper filters go a long way in brewing a good, clean cup of coffee.
Stuart CareyFine Ceramic Coffee Cup$85.00 Each cup is hand-thrown, which means no two pieces are exactly alike.
Stuart CareyFine Ceramic Saucer$42.00Stuart Carey’s gorgeous semi porcelain stone saucers are all hand-thrown.
SamovarBreakfast In Bed Tea Set$35.00A set of three organic teas—velvet cacao pu-erh, caffeine-free spearmint sage, and masala chai black tea—for breakfast in bed.
Chalait TeaTop-Grade Matcha Tea$45.00You get the equivalent of ten cups of regular green tea in one matcha latte.
Mortier PilonThe Kombucha Brewing Jar, 5L$59.00This makes homemade kombucha as easy as making a cup of coffee.
Chalait TeaBamboo Whisk$15.00This makes homemade matcha incredibly easy (and clump-free).
Trendglas JENANarrow German Glass Cup Set of 6$24.00Dishwasher-safe, and both heat and cold resistant.
Staub x goopKettle$170.00The pretty grey-and-brass coloring is exclusive to goopSold Out
Lue BrassJapanese Brass Tea Scoop$52.00 The nature of this metal is such that it oxidizes with regular use, which is also part of the charm.
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass Tea Cup With Strainer$18.00This three-piece glass set—teacup, lid, strainer—makes tea time so much more appealing.
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass Cafe Pot$16.00This extremely heat-resistant glass pot is a great alternative to a larger saucepan when you’re warming up milk for a latte.
Trendglas JENA8-Cup German Glass French Press$30.00If you’re a fan of French press coffee (or loose leaf tea), you’re sure to appreciate this dishwasher-safe one.
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