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Sori YanagiEssential Kitchen Knife SetUS$400.00Japanese-made stainless steel + ergonomic design.Sold Out
The Wooden PalateFumed Oak Slab Cutting BoardUS$140.00Crafted by hand in LA, this is perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing—and works as a cheese board.
Dot and Army Linen Napkin Bundle, Set of 6, 18"US$48.00The colorful trimming makes them an easy pick for entertaining.
Dot and Army Denim Flatware Picnic Setting, Set of 4US$76.00Great for on-the-go, they even double as a handy place setting for your food fixings.
Stories + ObjectsSantoku All-Purpose KnifeUS$425.00Stories + Objects travels the globe to source the most authentic cookware from local artisans.Sold Out
Kramer by ZWILLINGBob Kramer Stone Sharpening, 6-Piece SetUS$299.00The crème de la crème of knife sharpeners, it fine-tunes for a razor-sharp effect.
Ondine Cuisine Ltd.Platine Medium Saucepan, 18cmUS$755.00A GP favorite: made in Italy from the highest quality titanium grade stainless steel.
Ondine Cuisine Ltd.Platine Casserole, 28cmUS$1,220.00This toxin-free casserole dish is crafted in a titanium grade stainless steel that's made to last a lifetime.
Staub x goop3.75QT New French OvenUS$270.00This is perfect for soup for two.
Staub x goop5.5QT Round CocotteUS$325.00This is perfect for boiling water for pasta, or making a bigger portion of stew, soup, or risotto.
Staub x goop7QT Round CocotteUS$360.00This is perfect for casseroles, potatoes gratin, and any sort of stew or soup (it's big enough to boil water, too).
Staub x goop5.75QT Oval CocotteUS$330.00If you want to braise something but don't need to feed a huge crowd, this is a good option.
Staub x goopPetite French Oven Stovetop Rice CookerUS$200.00Perfectly petite, it works for whipping up rice, grains, even hearty stews for two.Sold Out
Emile Henry Ceramic Tagine, 2.1 qt US$130.00Perfect for tagines, slow-cooked stews, or anything that needs simmering.
ELIGOCopper Rounded Pan, 2 Handles US$320.00A sauce pan handmade of Italian copper, with fused brass handles and a matching lid.
ELIGOCopper Rounded Pan, 1 HandleUS$268.00A rounded fry and sauté pan, handmade of Italian copper, with a fused brass handle.
GreenPanPadova Ceramic Nonstick 10-piece Cookware SetUS$330.00A 10-piece set of nontoxic, pro-grade pots and pans, done in pretty ice blue.
GreenPanParis Pro 10" Ceramic Non-Stick Open FrypanUS$65.00This pro-grade non-stick frypan is an essential tool for healthy cooking.
GreenPanParis Pro 12" Ceramic Non-Stick FrypanUS$70.00Bonus: the non-stick ceramic coat means less oil is needed for cooking.
GreenPanParis Pro 4QT Ceramic Non-Stick Saute Pan with LidUS$130.00The Thermolon coating is manufactured without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium; it resists damage, and never releases harmful fumes or toxins.
Staub4.5QT perfect panUS$240.00This has a lot of surface area for sautéeing and browning, but enough depth for braising, too.
Staub3.5 qt Braiser US$320.00Especially great for braising, sautéing, and slow-cooking.
Staub12" Fry PanUS$200.00Perfect for pan-roasting vegetables, fish, and meats—or a frittata for a crowd.
Staub10" fry panUS$170.00This is your go-to fry pan for everything from scrambled eggs to crepes.
Staub12" Grill Press ComboUS$300.00An all-purpose pan for grilling everything from fruit, to chicken, to toast.
Barebones Living 12" Dutch Oven, 8qtUS$110.00It even comes with a convenient charcoal temperature guide etched on the inside.
Barebones Living 10" Cast Iron KitUS$140.00This all-in-one is perfect for backpacking trips, traveling, or simply cooking in the great outdoors.
Igá-MonóKamado-san Donabe Rice CookerUS$215.00You can cook rice, stews, braised dishes, as well as most healthy steamed dishes in this incredibly versatile (and beautiful) Japanese one-pot.
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