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Best Whips12" Copper Handle WhiskUS $24.00The long, copper handle and large, round stainless steel wires make for easy blending, whipping, and beating.
Zwilling x goop9.5" Ultimate Bread KnifeUS $280.00For slicing bread, of course, but also perfect for tomatoes.
Onyx Divided Airtight Food Storage ContainerUS $30.00An airtight, divided food container made of sleek stainless steel.
ELIGOCopper Ladle SetUS $200.00This gorgeous copper set elevates even the most ordinary soup or salad.
Natural Linens Boutique Organic Cotton Produce Bag SetUS $38.00This 100% organic cotton alternative to plastic bags lets you store and keep produce fresher, longer.
Best WhipsMeasuring Spoon 5-piece SetUS $18.00A complete set of measuring spoons, made of stainless steel for lifetime durability.
Zwilling x goopMulti-Purpose Kitchen ScissorsUS $60.00Use these to cut veggies in the kitchen, trim garden plants, prop open a jar lid, or twist or pop off a bottle cap.
The Wooden PalateFumed Oak Slab Cutting BoardUS $140.00Crafted by hand in LA, this is perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing—and works as a cheese board.
RIG-TIG by SteltonPraline SpatulaUS $15.00The paintbrush-inspired handle here is made of smooth white oak, and the compact spatula head is perfect for pastries that require some precision.
RIG-TIG by SteltonPastry SpatulaUS $19.00This spatula head is the perfect size for seamless scooping, mixing, folding, and even stovetop cooking.
ITO BinderyA5 PaperUS $20.00
ELIGOCopper Oil CruetUS $82.00Handmade of Italian copper, this oil cruet has a precise spout and looks gorgeous in any kitchen.
RIG-TIG by SteltonButterboxUS $34.00Keeps butter soft but not melty on the countertop and fresh in the fridge, too.
Onyx Medium 2-Layer Sandwich BoxUS $12.00The chicest, least wasteful way possible to pack a lunch.
Onyx 14 cm Airtight ContainerUS $18.00In stainless steel, this medium-sized food container is sleek, airtight, and lasts forever.
Atlas MillsSalt and Pepper GrinderUS $155.00There’s no substitution for the incredible flavors of fresh-cracked peppercorns and sea salt, and these grinders are the chicest way to go about it.
Hawkins New YorkMara Mortar & PestleUS $120.00Made from marble sourced from the stone quarries that were used to build the Taj Majal.
JUNEGold Measuring Cups, Set of 4US $72.00Functional and chic—plus, the convenient clip makes for easy hanging storage.
JUNEGold Measuring Spoons, Set of 4US $38.00Because cookware is just prettier in gold (they work as an especially chic gift for the baker).
Sir Madam Baker's Dozen Hand-Carved Wood Spoons, LargeUS $160.00This collection of wooden spoons comes with thirteen mixed styles (so no two are alike).
NorproStainless Steel Measuring Scoops, Set of 4US $42.00Not only do they stand upright, they’re great for scooping.
Sori YanagiStainless Steel Kitchen Tool 6-Piece SetUS $288.00All of the ladles, spatulas, and spoons you could ever need to whip up a hearty meal.
Mosser Glass3 Piece Pink Glass Mixing Bowl SetUS $85.00So pretty, we suggest using these beyond obvious kitchen prep as serving bowls.
Onyx 3 Layer Tiffin Food Storage ContainerUS $32.00This stainless steel three-piece does food storage the chicest way possible.
Onyx Paddle Ice Pop MoldUS $40.00A stainless-steel popsicle maker that’s a s user-friendly as it is adorable.
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Oil & Vinegar CruetUS $95.00Handmade in small batches (in Italy, no less).
PeugeotChatel Walnut Salt & Pepper Mill Set US $138.00No two sustainably harvested wood mills are alike.
BergHOFFLeo 5 Piece Utensils SetUS $68.00Party of five.
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