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Jennifer Fisher KitchenUniversal SaltUS $12.00Best part is, it works with virtually any dish.
Jennifer Fisher KitchenSpicy SaltUS $12.00Just the right amount of kick.
Jennifer Fisher KitchenCurry SaltUS $12.00The perfect curry-spiked alternative to table salt.
Blisshaus x goopgoop Essential Pantry SetUS $335.00A brilliant, no-waste, clean, BPA-free kitchen storage and organizational system—a must for any clean kitchen.
Whole SpiceEssential Detox Breakfast KitUS $52.00This essential spice set is our go-to for all things breakfast.Sold Out
Hawkins New YorkSmall Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid US $35.00Fantastic for storing your grains or as a chic bathroom storage vessel.
Hawkins New YorkMedium Glass Storage Container with Oak Lid US $40.00Great for keeping your grains, rice, or quinoa neatly organized and stored in a kitchen cabinet.
Hawkins New YorkLarge Glass Storage Container with Oak LidUS $45.00Buy in bulk and get those kitchen cabinets organized.
ActivistManuka Honey TrioUS $150.00The good stuff, all the way from New Zealand.
goop x Countertop Foodsgoop Exclusive Golden Breakfast Gift SetUS $45.00The spread.Exclusive
Dark Horse OrganicUmami PowderUS $20.00Take it to the next level.Sold Out
Dark Horse OrganicFermented Jalapeño Hot SauceUS $9.00Take it to the next level.Sold Out
Dark Horse OrganicPickled Mustard SeedUS $15.00Take it to the next level.
ILĀBlack Gift SetUS $125.00Countertop chic.
Mikuni Wild Harvest White Alba Truffle, 1ozUS $195.00To be consumed within three days of delivery (not usually a problem).
Mikuni Wild Harvest Wild Mushroom Medley, 3 lb boxUS $80.00Fun-ghi's only.
Oaktown Spice Shop Baker's Delight Gift Box US $48.00Spice and everything nice.
Wonder Valley Olive OilUS $34.00Peak EVOO.Sold Out
Señor Lechuga The Collection Gift SetUS $42.00En fuego.
Food StirsCelebration Rainbow Organic Pancake Kit US $19.00Taste the rainbow.
Bushwick KitchenThrees Knees Spicy Trio SauceUS $35.00Variety is the spice of life.Sold Out
CAP BeautyLittle Matcha Stick BoxUS $13.00A box of five ceremonial-grade organic matcha sticks brilliantly packaged in adorable, portable individual packets.
ILĀPeruvian Pink SaltUS $15.00#saddesklunch no more.
ILĀCyprus Flake SaltUS $15.00A great finishing salt (that’s chic enough to sit on your desk).
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