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Wedderspoon Gourmet Gift Set$43.00Three delicious varieties of 100% raw honey, packed in a beautiful gift box.
Sweet Laurel Chocolate Cake Kit$54.00How to make a chocolate cake that's amazingly good and good-for-you.
Le Corti Dei FarfensiOrganic Olive Oil Set$220.00Authentic, organic Italian olive oil, with a stainless-steel storage container and dispenser included.
Oaktown Spice Shop Chai Masala$10.00This aromatic spice blend makes an amazingly delicious cup of chai.
Oaktown Spice Shop Carlitos Rojito Yucatan$10.00This fragrant spice rub gives meat an incredibly delicious and rich Yucatecan flavor.
Oaktown Spice Shop Breakfast Sausage Blend$10.00Make delicious homemade sausage (meat or vegetarian!) with this sage/garlic/red pepper/nutmeg blend.
Oaktown Spice Shop Chile Limon$10.00This tart, citrusy spice blend makes practically anything taste better, from grilled chicken to Bloody Marys.
Cup4CupGluten-Free Flour$17.00Developed in the research kitchen of the famed restaurant French Laundry, Cup4Cup’s gluten-free flour doesn’t just taste great for gluten-free—it’s great-tasting, period.
Bob's Red MillOrganic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats$8.00Each batch of this quick-and-easy oatmeal is "kiln-toasted," which is what makes it so uniquely delicious.
Bob's Red MillPetite French Green Lentils$8.00French green lentils, a.k.a. lentilles du Puy, have a pleasant, peppery flavor and lovely dark-green color.
Bob's Red MillOrganic Tricolor Quinoa Grain$8.00This beautiful, nutrient-rich blend of certified-organic red, black and white quinoa grains is as easy to cook as rice.
SunbutterOrganic Sunbutter (Unsweetened)$10.00This is the ultimate, clean, allergen-free, detox-friendly peanut butter replacement.
NutivaOrganic Chia Seeds$12.00Chia seed was revered as a "super food" by ancient Mayans and Aztecs, who ate the seeds to boost energy and stamina.
Bob's Red MillOrganic Coconut Sugar$7.00Almost too good to be true, this wholesome alternative sweetener is made from the nectar of coconut palm tree blossoms.
Bob's Red MillOrganic Brown Flaxseeds$6.00For omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and lignans, brown flaxseed is key.
HimalaniaAntioxidant Goji Berries$12.00Rich in powerful antioxidant, these vital, energy-boosting berries calm your adrenals and taste fantastic.
Eden100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles$10.00Buckwheat protein is superior to other cereal grain as it has all essential amino acids, plus rutin.
Dr. Bronner'sOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil$23.00The benefits of organic, virgin coconut oil are practically endless: moisturizer, conditioner, makeup remover, and a base for healthy recipes.
MaldonSea Salt Flakes$11.00Just a pinch of this mineral-rich, delicately flaky finishing salt goes a long way.
Carry On Cocktail KitThe Bloody Mary$24.00
Graf & LantzDuo Wine Carrier$128.00
Amagansett Sea Salt Co.2.5 oz Natural Salt$21.00Each batch is harvested by hand right from the banks of the Atlantic ocean.
Amagansett Sea Salt Co.1 oz Natural Salt$12.00Each batch is harvested by hand right from the banks of the Atlantic ocean.
Whole Spice x goop"It's All Easy" Spice Set$175.00This includes every single spice and seasoning used in GP’s newest cookbook, It’s All Easy.
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