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Pillows & Throws

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Lauren ManoogianNeck Pillow$220.00
From The RoadNatha Cashmere Wrap/Throw$1,195.00The chic bone-white color of this hand-woven, Himalayan-cashmere blanket scarf make it the perfect thing to wrap up in.
MAYDECrescent Turkish Towel$79.00Woven of navy-and-cream 100% Buldan cotton, this is softer than a traditional Turkish towel.
St. FrankBaby Alpaca Throw$225.00Just add a fireplace.
Soft Grey
Soft Pink
Las BayadasLa Paz$50.00These extra-large, super-soft woven blankets are crafted from colorfully striped, traditional Mexican fabrics.

Candles & Candlesticks

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Cinnamon Projects7 AM Incense$30.00A soothing, earthy incense that smells of black tea, clay, driftwood, and marigold.
Cinnamon ProjectsCirca Incense Burner$150.00A functional objet d’art—and a totally romantic way to set the mood.
Cinnamon Projects2 AM Incense$30.00This mood-soothing incense smells of cedarwood, cinnamon, honey, and subtly earthy vetiver.
goop FragranceScented Candle: Edition 01 – Winter 2016$72.00A scent of cypress smoke, snow, sensual quiet.
E.R. Butler & Co.Short Oxidized Bronze Attenuated Rod Candlestick$360.00The oxidized bronze Biedermeier candlesticks are recognized by their elegant silhouettes, crisp lines, and unexpected curves.
SKULTUNAMedium Solid Brass Candle Holder$131.00Crafted in a 400-year-old brass foundry, as old as your love.
Beeswax Candle Works12" Beeswax Taper Candle$13.00These hand-dipped tapers give off a delicate honey aroma when lit and are cut to fit most standard candlesticks perfectly.
MATCH PewterPetite Pewter Rimmed Vase$195.00Handmade by artisans in Northern Italy, this gorgeous vase has a subtle, rustic-chic look that wears beautifully.
Mud AustraliaRound Porcelain Vase$153.00This is tall and narrow, so heavy flowers won't flop over the edges—it's also great next to the stove for wooden spoons and spatulas.
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