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31 items in Décor
FS ObjectsMedium Dome Spindle Candle Holder$100.00Double up, or mix and match with varying heights.
FS ObjectsTall Dome Spindle Candle Holder$105.00An elegant accent to any tablescape.
MATCH PewterShort Candlestick Pair$125.00Romantic and classic, these tarnished pewter candlesticks fit easily into any tableaux.
Cinnamon ProjectsSeries 01 Incense Box $55.00An intro to Japanese-style incense sticks.
Cinnamon ProjectsRose Quartz Burner + Incense Set$295.00An incense burner made of rose quartz and brass, plus a pack of soothing incense.
Cinnamon ProjectsCirca Incense Burner$150.00A functional objet d’art—and a totally romantic way to set the mood.
Cinnamon Projects7 AM Incense$30.00A soothing, earthy incense that smells of black tea, clay, driftwood, and marigold.
Cinnamon Projects2 AM Incense$30.00This mood-soothing incense smells of cedarwood, cinnamon, honey, and subtly earthy vetiver.
The New Craftsmen x Ernest Wright & SonGold Handle Floral Scissors$72.00The blades are made from sturdy, hardened carbon steel, and equipped with a rose thorn notch for thorn removal along with a stem crusher.Sold Out
MATCH PewterPetite Pewter Rimmed Vase$195.00Handmade by artisans in Northern Italy, this gorgeous vase has a subtle, rustic-chic look that wears beautifully.
Mud AustraliaRound Porcelain Vase$153.00$46.00This is tall and narrow, so heavy flowers won't flop over the edges—it's also great next to the stove for wooden spoons and spatulas.
SKULTUNATall Solid Brass Candle Holder$156.00Crafted in a 400-year-old brass foundry, as old as your love.
SKULTUNAMedium Solid Brass Candle Holder$131.00Crafted in a 400-year-old brass foundry, as old as your love.
FS ObjectsTall Cone Spindle Candle Holder$105.00A chic objet d’art.
FS ObjectsMedium Cone Spindle Candle Holder$100.00A glamorous addition to any tablescape.Sold Out
Cinnamon Projects x goopCirca Incense Burner: Copper with Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Black Onyx$345.00Comes complete with a sleek brass tray to collect falling ash (read: no clean-up required).Sold Out
Clare Crespo2018 Hurray Today Calendar$40.00Here, twelve months’ worth of hand-drawn food sketches that you can hang anywhere.
FS ObjectsStone Candle Holder, Set of 3$144.00Note the durable leather bottoms, so you can place them anywhere, scratch-free.
JFMBrass Striker$130.00A gorgeous, functional accent for your coffee table.Sold Out
Graf & LantzKorb Bin$190.00Great for storing everything from glossies to newspapers and books.
J'Jute Maya Large Tideline Basket$300.00Done in a natural jute fiber and crafted by local artisans in India.
J'Jute Andaman Medium Natural Basket$190.00It even works overtime as a chic laundry vessel.
Peg and AwlStep Stool$95.00Exceptionally handy around the house.
Sir Madam Georgian Candlestick, No 1$86.00Designed in a polished, brass-plated aluminum with endless vintage-appeal.
Sir Madam Georgian Candlestick, No 3$78.00Cluster varying heights together for an opulent display.
Sir Madam Georgian Candlestick, No 5$54.00Amazing solo, or place a trio of varying heights on your mantle or dining room table.
SKULTUNATea Light Holder, Set of 5$120.00The mismatched circular shapes look incredibly elegant both clustered and spread out.
SKULTUNAVia Fondazza Slim Brass Vase$160.00Functions as a perfect display for stems, even doubling as a fancy objet d’art when not in use.
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