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Il Buco Vita Bevagna Soup Bowl $34.00Perfectly sized for soups, sides, and small bites.
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Side Plate $36.00Rendered in resilient terra-cotta that’s perfect for everyday use.
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Dinner Plate$38.00Note the uneven textured edges—Italian craftsmanship at its finest.
Farmhouse Pottery Large Yellowware Pitcher$245.00A pitcher so pretty you'll want it on constant display.
Farmhouse Pottery Farmer's Pitcher$150.00The perfect pitcher for all your pouring, decanting, (even displaying) needs.
Farmhouse Pottery Countryman Utility Crock$125.00A charming storage solution you’ll use constantly.
Farmhouse Pottery Large Yellowware Bowl$225.00A beautifully crafted ceramic bowl with a million different uses.
Farmhouse Pottery Silo Pasta Bowl $80.00Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Sold.
Farmhouse Pottery Silo Side Plate$65.00Clean and simple, this ceramic plate is ideal for side salads, desserts, and more.
Farmhouse Pottery Silo Dinner Plate $85.00The minimalist aesthetic matches beautifully with other tableware.
Farmhouse Pottery Medium Crafted Wooden Bowl$125.00From fresh salads and fruit displays to freshly popped popcorn—this bowl really holds it all.Sold Out
Emile Henry Ceramic Tagine, 2.1 qt $130.00Perfect for tagines, slow-cooked stews, or anything that needs simmering.
MepraPewter 5-Piece Flatware Set $65.00A luxurious solution for at-home entertaining.Sold Out
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Oval Serving Platter $264.00Endless entertaining possibilities.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Small Serving Bowl $120.00Perfect for individual soups or dips for the entire party.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Fluted Butter Dish$48.00A beautiful butter dish that works overtime for desserts, dips—you name it.
Il Buco Vita Pienza 10oz Glass Tumbler$36.00Hand-blown in Tuscany.
Il Buco Vita Pienza 10oz Glass Tumbler$36.00A hint of color for your kitchen cabinets.
Farmhouse Pottery Large Glass Tumbler$18.00Miraculously works for both ice-cold and blistering-hot beverages.
Farmhouse Pottery Handloom Cream Linen Runner$85.00Instantly elevates any tablescape.
Farmhouse Pottery Stone Napkin Set of 4$78.00Understated yet luxurious.
Farmhouse Pottery Stripe Napkin Set of 4$78.00A beautifully neutral addition to your linen collection.
MATCH PewterConvivio Soup Bowl$110.00We particularly love the luxe ceramic-and-pewter combination.
MATCH PewterConvivio Salad Plate$105.00The elegant answer to side salads and decadent desserts.
MATCH PewterConvivio Dinner Plate$110.00Made-in-Italy, this timeless dinner plate is entertaining gold.
MATCH PewterConvivio Large Round Serving Bowl$335.00A part of the classic Convivio collection, this oversized ceramic serving bowl is rimmed with Italian pewter and can be used for everything from sides to fresh fruit presentations.
Mud AustraliaPorcelain Fish Platter$142.00Mud’s elongated fish platter is so named because it was designed (and works beautifully) for medium-sized, whole-cooked fish.
Lusitano1143Andorinha Serving Plate$98.00This beautiful porcelain serving plate is crafted entirely by hand in Lisbon, Portugal.
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