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Emile Henry Ceramic Tagine, 2.1 qt US $130.00Perfect for tagines, slow-cooked stews, or anything that needs simmering.
Il Buco Vita Bevagna Oval Serving Platter US $264.00Endless entertaining possibilities.
Il Buco Vita Assisi Nested Oval Platters, Set of 3US $300.00Perfect for entertaining (and gifting, too).
BIDK Home Marble Plate With Brass InlayUS $42.00A brass-detailed display plate made of the same marble used to build the Taj Mahal.
The Wooden PalateMod BowlUS $380.00The solid brass inlay and smooth, slick design make this bowl—perfect for serving or displaying fruit and just about anything else you can imagine—incredibly special.
Mud Australia x goopPorcelain Serving BowlUS $458.00This wide, generous serving bowl is made from sturdy porcelain, so you can fill it with even the hottest just-off-the-stove dishes and never worry about damaging it.
Coltellerie Berti for MATCHWhite Insieme Cheese Knives, Set of 3US $425.00A set of three cheese knives, handmade in the Tuscan countryside, presented in a gorgeous wooden gift box.
Trendglas JENAGerman Glass PitcherUS $22.00This sleek pitcher from master glassware brand is best filled with a fun party drink.
MATCH PewterPewter TeapotUS $494.00This exquisite, classically Victorian teapot is the kind of piece you keep forever and pass down to your grandchildren.
The Wooden PalateFumed Oak Slab Cutting BoardUS $140.00Crafted by hand in LA, this is perfect for cutting, chopping, and slicing—and works as a cheese board.
SeraxCopper Chemistry CarafeUS $45.00A wide copper band turns a simple glass carafe into an art piece that just happens to function as a pitcher.
MATCH PewterConvivio Large Round Serving BowlUS $350.00A part of the classic Convivio collection, this oversized ceramic serving bowl is rimmed with Italian pewter and can be used for everything from sides to fresh fruit presentations.
Coltellerie Berti for MATCHWhite Insieme Set of 3 Kitchen Knives With Wood BlocksUS $1,100.00The best kitchen knives ever, handmade in the Tuscan countryside with gorgeous white lucite handles (wood blocks included).
Il Buco Vita Assisi Large Serving Bowl US $160.00Generously sized to accommodate pretty much everything.
Hawkins New YorkMarble & Brass Pinch DishUS $45.00This small dish (with its matching brass spoon) functions as a perfect container for sugar or salt.
Mosser GlassPink Glass Cake Stand, 10"US $82.00Use it to display everything from fresh-baked muffins to after-dinner desserts.
Mosser GlassPink Glass Dessert Plates, Set of 4US $105.00In a pretty opaque pink, they’re perfectly sized for petite portions of salads and desserts.
Anne Black Kyst Jug, LargeUS $72.00A cheery addition to your countertops.
Mosser GlassGlass Cake Dome, 10"US $52.00Puts the “fresh” in fresh-baked goods.
Anne Black Ruth Landscape Jug, MediumUS $68.00Sets the tone (and table) for spring.
Summerill & Bishop Glass Water Carafe with Gold RimUS $72.00Ideal for decanting a smooth bottle of red.
Hawkins New YorkMara Marble TrivetUS $95.00Note the rich, jewel-toned marble.
Hawkins New YorkMara Marble Bowl, MediumUS $100.00A pretty splash of color on your kitchen countertops.
Hawkins New YorkMara Marble Bowl, SmallUS $65.00Salt dish, sugar dish, dips, sauces…you name it.
goop x CB2Wilton Large Glass BowlUS $19.95Hand-blown to perfection.
goop x CB2Wilton Small Glass BowlUS $9.95For salads, sides, even displaying your crystal collection.
Stinson Studios Natural Oak Serving Bowl, 14"US $190.00File under: the perfect hostess gift.
Ferm Living Fein Salad ServersUS $55.00Pair of tossers.
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