12 items in Dinnerware
Mud AustraliaPorcelain Noodle Bowl$42.00
WasaraSmall Biodegradable Plate$4.00These plates are made from 100% tree-free materials and are biodegradable and compostable.
Daniel SmithSet of Mix & Match Ceramic Place Setting$185.00UK-based ceramicist, Daniel Smith, is best known for creating blessedly simple, organic-feeling porcelain: This set is amazing together, though easy to break down as well.
Variopinte EnamelwareSmall Painted Enamel Bowl$14.00This handmade bowl is just the right size for snacks and sides like fruit salad, yogurt, sorbet.
Variopinte EnamelwarePainted Enamel Plate$16.00Although this handmade plate is lightweight, it’s not delicate—so you can stack and carry multiple plates worry-free, nice when you’re BBQ-ing outside.
Variopinte EnamelwareLarge Painted Enamel Bowl$16.00This handmade bowl is just the right size for oatmeal, pasta salad, or a generous ice cream sundae.
MATCH PewterConvivio Side Plate$105.00This side plate is meant for sides and salads.
MATCH PewterConvivio Plate Bowl$110.00This perfectly sized ceramic bowl is meant to accommodate soups and pastas.
MATCH PewterConvivio Dinner Plate$110.00This generously sized ceramic dinner plate is rimmed with Italian pewter and is meant to accommodate the main course.
Rina MenardiCeramic Shallow Bowl$68.00Meant for hearty stews and soups, this Italy-made midnight-blue stoneware bowl can also work as a smaller serving vessel.
Rina MenardiCeramic Medium Plate$57.00The midnight blue color makes this Italy-made stoneware dinner plate especially striking.
WasaraBiodegradable Bowl$11.00This set of 8 biodegradable and compostable bowls are great for soup-y side dishes, salads, and desserts.
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