8 items in Flatware
MepraMatte Black 5 Piece Place Setting$165.00The matte black vintage finish here makes for a sophisticated and timeless 5-piece plate setting.
Lue BrassJapanese Brass Flatware Set$88.00This brass travel cutlery set is ideal for picnics and packed lunches.
Smith Shop DetroitHand Forged Steel Appetizer Forks$180.00
SaikaiJapanese Enamel Tea Spoon$15.00Surprisingly sturdy, this white enamel spoon—sized small for stirring tea/coffee/hot chocolate—makes great picnic cutlery.
SaikaiJapanese Enamel Dessert Fork$15.00Surprisingly sturdy, this white enamel fork makes great picnic cutlery, and you can pack it with your office lunch, too.
SaikaiJapanese Enamel Dessert Spoon$15.00 You can string this set of utensils together through the small hole at the spoon’s base, which, it turns out, is more than just a nice design element.
Lue BrassJapanese Brass Hors D'Oeuvre Fork$48.00This brass hors d'oeurve fork is thoughtfully designed to spear olives, cheeses, and cured meats.
Lue BrassJapanese Brass Double Ended Spoon & Fork Set$120.00This set of five brass spoon/fork hybrids is essentially an elevated take on the "sporks" of our youth.
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