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Fog LinenLinen Tablecloth$50.00These long-lasting linen tablecloths—in utterly cool chambray—get softer with each wash.
Fog LinenLinen Napkin$10.00These linen napkins (in always-cool chambray) get softer with every wash—you won't want to use anything else.
VintageVintage Napkin Rings Set of 2$45.00These vintage rings, which come in packs of two, were sourced throughout the east coast—no two are alike, and we like it that way.
VintageVintage Linen Napkins Set of 2$65.00Our vintage linens date back as far as the 1940s, and are primarily sourced in Europe and cut from Irish linen, English damask, French lace, and Swiss embroideries.
Auntie OtiTablecloth$92.00While its intended purpose is to act as a muslin tablecloth, this hand-woven, 100% cotton khadi piece also makes for an elegant picnic blanket, or even a summer throw.
LibecoLinen Tablecloth$320.00Tablecloths can make a dining room, and this 100% linen tablecloth, done in a subtle vintage finish, strikes an elegant, but warm note.
LibecoEveryday Linen Napkin$14.00These simply designed, 100% linen napkins—which come in pure white or off-white oyster—have a way of elevating every meal.
Auntie OtiKhadi Tailored Edge Napkin$18.00Perfectly rustic and endlessly versatile, each hand-stitched cotton napkin is individually dyed to achieve the ideal shade of indigo, meaning that no two are exactly the same.
Auntie OtiKhadi Napkin Set$48.00In addition to being a staple at the dinner table, these 100% cotton khadi napkins (they come in a set of six) are incredibly useful around the kitchen.
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