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Nak ArmstrongAnchor Rose-Gold & Aquamarine EarringsUS $3,920.00A bit nautical-inspired and a whole lot awe-inspiring.
Nak ArmstrongBahia Leaf EarringsUS $14,500.00A tropical affair.
Nak ArmstrongPleated Teardrop EarringsUS $3,850.00Old-world glamour at its finest.
Nak ArmstrongPetite Half Ruched HoopsUS $5,450.00Festive fringe that’s fitting any season.
Nak ArmstrongPleated Crown RingUS $3,300.00The teeny crown motif boosts the regal feel of the green tourmalines.
Nak ArmstrongTriple Ruched Ribbon RingUS $13,800.00Encrusted with 84 custom-cut stones.
VenyxRA Rainbow Mini HoopsUS $5,109.00A favorite motif of Venyx fans.
VenyxMatahari EarringsUS $5,772.00As mystical as they are striking.
VenyxRainbow Tiger Ray EarringsUS $7,336.00Plucked from the ocean floor.
VenyxChamaeleo RingUS $4,978.00Looks like a long-lost treasure that has washed ashore.
VenyxParrot Star Fish EarringsUS $5,895.00A whimsical pair of hoops you can wear everywhere.
VenyxAruna RingUS $9,750.00Named for (and inspired by) the mythological Hindu sun god.
Nak ArmstrongCrocus RingUS $7,300.00Equal parts edgy, romantic, and a little bit unexpected.
VramOne-of-a-Kind Pear Shaped Green Tourmaline RingUS $35,000.00The halo of glimmering white diamonds only emphasizes its rich, emerald-green luster.
Nak ArmstrongBaton RingUS $6,800.00The baton-shaped baby baguettes add a little whimsy to any ring stack.
VenyxParrot Star Fish NecklaceUS $12,445.00Adds impact to whatever you wear it with.
Nak ArmstrongRose-Gold Diamond Earring ClipsUS $4,500.00Vintage-looking but no less versatile.
VenyxAton Lucky Coin NecklaceUS $7,231.00Feeling lucky?
Nak ArmstrongPagoda Ear CuffsUS $4,450.00Edgy, meet Art Deco glamour.
Nak ArmstrongBezel Bypass Diamond HoopsUS $3,800.00Architectural and edgy on the surface; Old World elegance at its core.
Nak ArmstrongShark Tooth Stud EarringsUS $3,950.00A little bit marine-inspired, and a whole lot marvelous.
Fernando JorgeCircle Small EarringsUS $10,630.00The hoop-like design is beautiful in that it’s incomplete.
Fernando JorgeRadiant RingUS $9,760.00In a word: Museum-worthy.
Fernando JorgeDisco Mini EarringsUS $8,730.00Possibly the most intricate earrings we’ve ever laid eyes on.
Fernando JorgeSprout Open RingUS $2,810.00The diamond-encrusted head is like a teeny objet d’art in and of itself.
Fernando JorgeThin Snake Chain W/ Cushioned Lines PendantUS $5,360.00Sexy, dramatic, and packs in some welcome edge.
Fernando JorgeSprout Small EarringsUS $3,590.00They loop through your ear so that the diamonds nestle in the middle.
VramEcho Eon RingUS $4,800.00Totally tubular.
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