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Marlo LazTalisman 5 Coin Necklace$12,184.00The kind of keepsake you can wear daily.
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Necklace$5,877.00Found: Your new lucky gold coin.
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Bracelet$4,938.00Lucky charm.
Marlo LazPearl Wand Earrings$4,140.00Colorful and subtly statement-making.
Marlo LazDouble Wand Earrings$5,750.00Worthy of any fancy evening engagement.
Marlo LazElixir Earrings$3,289.00Dripping in diamonds, topaz, rubies, and Tahitian pearls—yes, please.
Marlo LazJuju Necklace$2,985.00The gorgeous green agate stone is said to bring balance.
Marlo LazMini Eye With Star$2,760.00Incredibly eye-catching (wink, wink).
Marlo LazJe Porte Bonheur Iris Ring$4,600.00Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.
Marlo LazRetina Earrings$2,571.40Seeing green.
Marlo LazIcon Ring$4,830.00Emblematic of protection, spontaneity, and strength.
Marlo LazIcon Earrings$6,900.00The black onyx evil eyes are said to have protective qualities.
Bob's WatchesRolex 36mm Day-Date Presidential$9,200.00This highly collectible vintage timepiece is truly exquisite.
Bob's WatchesRolex Day-Date 1803 Watch, 36mm$7,600.00Note the luxe Italian-made leather band on this iconic vintage Rolex.
Bob's WatchesRolex 31MM DateJust$5,400.00An everlasting classic timepiece (for him or her).
Sophie RatnerDiamond Hoop Drop Earrings$530.00They appear to float on their own in the most beautiful way.
Loren StewartDisk Hinge Studs$1,800.00The delicate hinged "disks" are especially eye-catching.
Jennifer MeyerI Love You Disc Necklace$5,500.00Right back at ya.
Loren StewartPearl Triangle Bracelet$756.00Freshwater pearls give it vintage appeal.
Jennifer MeyerDiamond 'LOVE' Necklace$3,850.00Layer it with other everyday jewelry for a subtle dose of drama.
Jennifer MeyerHeart-by-the-Inch Bracelet$725.00Wear your heart on your sleeve.Sold Out
Logan HollowellCancer Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,100.00Note the intricate constellation of bezel diamonds.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellSagittarius Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,895.00A hint of sparkle in your day to day.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellTaurus Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,275.00A light layering piece, perfect for everyday wear,
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellAries Diamond Constellation Necklace$975.00Cool and cosmic.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellLeo Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,360.00We're particularly into the intricate constellation of bezel diamonds.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellScorpio Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,500.00Subtle glimmer for the Scorpio.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellPisces Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,500.00Perfect for the Pisces.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
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