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Colette JewelryConstellation Diamond Ear Cuff$4,800.00Three brilliant reasons to switch out your regular studs.
Sara WeinstockDonna Pavé Huggy Earrings$1,750.00Huggies gone glamorous.
Bondeye JewelryCalypso White Topaz Star Stud Earrings$2,495.00A starry nod to the sea nymph, Calypso, daughter of Atlas.
Sara WeinstockVeena Pavé Hoop Earrings$5,570.00Diamonds on the inside, diamonds on the outside.
Bondeye JewelryTrois White Topaz Earrings$675.00Feeling bold? Wear these mismatched earrings in multiple piercings on the same lobe.
Aurelie BidermannDentelle Diamond Yellow-Gold Earrings$5,600.00Intricately laser-cut and inlaid with light-catching diamonds.
Aurelie BidermannNautilus Yellow-Gold Multi Mini Earrings$6,500.00Shell shockers.
ElleryLarge Female Torso Earrings$450.00Body language.
Loren StewartDome Yellow-Gold Hoops$596.00Sure, the domed shape is bold, but it doesn’t sacrifice a wink of wearability.
ElleryBarbosa Large Torso Earrings$450.00Va-va-voom.
Nancy NewbergDaisy Triple Hoop Earrings$3,040.00Petal to the metal.
Nancy NewbergDouble Hoop Earrings$2,800.00Double the hoops, double the fun.
Soko JewelryFania Triple Hoop Earrings$62.00Nails the mixed-metals look.
Daniela VillegasYellow-Gold Abundance Earrings$8,800.00Artful drop earrings with a prehistoric edge.
Daniela VillegasRose-Gold Pure Earrings$12,000.00Equal parts elegant and eclectic.
Jennifer FisherGold-Plated Small Diamond Shaped Hoops$375.00So light you’ll forget you’re wearing them at all.
Jennifer Fisher x goopGwyneth Hoops$220.00Lends everyday looks an artful edge.
Soko JewelrySiri Statement Earrings$58.00Handcrafted in Kenya with love.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Firework Stud Earrings$2,800.00A daily firework display.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Circle Dangle Earrings$1,500.00A sparkly dream-catcher for your ears.
Suzanne KalanLarge Diamond Huggies$4,800.00Huggies with an impactful twist.
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Anne Sisteron

From the daintiest everyday chains and studs to statement-making cocktail rings and elaborate, shoulder-grazing earrings, Paris-born jeweler Anne Sisteron does it all in a way that’s simultaneously decadent and totally wearable. Her penchant for aesthetics comes from years traveling the world as a working model—and it’s her training as a gemologist and GIA diamond grader that balances the style with plenty of substance.

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Anne Sisteron Diamond Eloise White-Gold Bangle, $4,990.00Elegant on its own; plays well with others, too.
Anne Sisteron Double Halo White-Gold Diamond Earrings, $3,180.00Bold, beautiful, and a little bit unexpected.
Anne Sisteron Diamond ID Yellow-Gold Bracelet, $1,100.00A sparkly upgrade to the iconic ID bracelet.
Anne Sisteron Luxe Diamond Square Ring, $3,465.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.
Anne Sisteron Sabre Earrings, $2,280.00Wear them traditionally in two ears or layer in one if you have multiple piercings.
Anne Sisteron Champagne Diamond Square Ring, $2,625.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.
Anne Sisteron Cushion Pinkie Ring, $1,530.00A decidedly luxe upgrade to the traditionally tame pinky ring.
Anne Sisteron Carrie Ear Cuff, $2,840.00A genius design allows this cuff to sit on any part of the ear.
Anne Sisteron Bold Huggie Earrings, $1,035.00Layer with dainty studs on wear solo, there’s no going wrong here.
Anne Sisteron Disk Necklace, $515.00We love the minimalist statement this dainty necklace makes when worn solo.
Anne Sisteron Mini Pear Necklace, $355.00An understated way to add a touch of eye-catching glitz to the everyday.
Anne Sisteron Scythe Cuff, $3,485.00Despite its coolness, it plays incredibly well with watches, bangles, and whatever else you’d like to team it with.


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Colette JewelryMoon Diamond Necklace$7,500.00Moonstruck.
Sara WeinstockMarquis Horizontal Necklace$1,390.00Though understated, it’s remarkably striking.
Bondeye JewelryAstraea White Topaz Star Pendant Necklace$2,195.00Opulent and occasion-spanning.
Colette JewelryTwinkle Star Diamond Pendant$950.00Twinkle, twinkle.
Aurelie BidermannMedals Yellow-Gold Pendant With 50cm Chain$840.00Animal instincts.
Aurelie BidermannClover Pendant Yellow-Gold with 50cm Chain$1,260.00You’re in luck.
Loren StewartDiamond Star Dust Yellow-Gold Necklace$595.00Star-crossed.
Daniela VillegasRose-Gold Freyr Necklace$10,000.00Note the teardrop-shaped sapphire in the crab’s claws.
Soko JewelryJiwe Choker Pendant Necklace$78.00Ethically made by Kenyan artisans from recycled brass.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link 18K Gold Necklace with Lock$17,080.00Locked and loaded.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Luxe Ava Necklace$2,495.00Straight to the point.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Necklace with Classic Tri-Links$3,600.00Heavy metal.
Suzanne KalanFirework Diamond Necklace$2,700.00Extra light-catching thanks to the asymmetrical stones.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Cluster Necklace$3,800.00Equal parts impactful and intricate.
AzleePegasus Coin With Diamond Bar Necklace$2,990.00A contemporary twist on an ancient Greek coin.
Loquet18K Gold Moon Charm$160.00Reach for the moon.
Loquet18K Gold Heart Charm$160.00Love at first sight.
Loquet18K Gold Elephant Charm$160.00Your spirit animal.
LoquetLetter Charm$140.00Alphabet city.
Loquet14K Medium Round Locket & Gold Chain$2,580.00Shake it up—this translucent pendant fits up to five little charms, icons, or birthstones inside.
LoquetBirthstone Charm$45.00The charm combinations are endless.
Bondeye JewelryWave Diamond Eternity Band$895.00An ethereal riff on an eternity band.
Bondeye JewelryJosie Diamond Signet Ring$825.00A starry riff on a signet ring.
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopRaneth Pavé Cognac Ring$4,100.00The white and cognac diamond combination is so striking.Exclusive
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopCici Ring$2,000.00Nail the mixed metals and stacked ring effect in one fell swoop.Exclusive
Spinelli Kilcollin x goopJuno Ring$7,400.00Going green.Exclusive
Sara WeinstockReverie Round Open Ring$1,995.00High shine right at your fingertips.
Bondeye JewelryBia White Topaz Spiral Ring$995.00The white topaz stones have a mythological twist.
Aurelie BidermannDentelle Diamond Yellow-Gold Ring$3,700.00Bidermann’s stunning honeycomb motif strikes again.
Nancy NewbergDiamond Ball Ring$3,600.00Ball’s in your court.
Nancy NewbergTriple Ring$2,400.00A sparkly twist on the stacked-ring look.
Nancy NewbergHeart Charm Ring$2,800.00The heart knows what it wants.
Daniela VillegasYellow-Gold Oxylus Ring$12,000.00We like it best with a minimal manicure.
Daniela VillegasRose-Gold Khepri Ring$1,875.00Elegant and ethereal all at the same time.
Daniela VillegasYellow-Gold Khepri Ring$1,875.00A nod to the designer’s passion for nature.
Jennifer FisherGold-Plated Palm Ring$220.00A nod to California nostalgia.
Jennifer FisherSilver-Plated Globe Ring$325.00Impactful in size, minimal in weight.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond Ring$3,500.00A streamlined approach to a ring stack.
Suzanne KalanEmerald & Diamond Flower Ring$1,400.00The baguette diamond halo boosts the dimensional luster.
Suzanne KalanSmall Diamond Firework Ring$3,500.00A fiery display of diamonds.
Sophie RatnerDiamond Studded Yellow-Gold Tag Ring$1,200.00The OG tag necklace, reimagined as a ring.
AzleeEmerald NESW Diamond Ring$3,980.00Deco-era elegance.

Laurie's Picks

Our fashion director's favorite pieces from the goop shop.

Ariel GordonHeart Necklace$350.00Simple and to the point.
kWITPersonalized Letter Ring$450.00Spell out whatever you'd like.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Jennifer MeyerMini Clover Bracelet$275.00


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Bondeye JewelryDroplet White Sapphire Bracelet$1,150.00Decidedly unique thanks to the eleven dangly white sapphires.
Aurelie BidermannDentelle Yellow-Gold Bangle$5,200.00Don’t miss the skin-baring honeycomb motif.
Aurelie BidermannMedals Bracelet$1,980.00Get lucky.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Sterling Silver Bracelet$850.00Found: the missing link.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Firework Bangle$8,000.00The tonal white gold setting boosts its sparkle.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond Firework Bangle$7,400.00A modern riff on a traditional tennis bracelet.
HoorsenbuhsID Tri-Link Sterling Silver Bracelet$2,250.00An elevated spin on the traditional ID bracelet.
HoorsenbuhsFive Link Pavé Bracelet$9,500.00Dressed-up with dainty diamonds.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Diamond Toggle Bracelet$5,000.00Check out the teeny diamonds detailing the toggle.
Sophie RatnerSlim Hinge Bracelet$2,780.00The best part: the equestrian-style hinges.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Eloise White-Gold Bangle$4,990.00Elegant on its own; plays well with others, too.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Horn Bangle$3,720.00Made with 344 pavé diamonds.
Anne Sisteron Diamond ID Yellow-Gold Bracelet$1,100.00A sparkly upgrade to the iconic ID bracelet.
Sheryl LoweBone Bracelet with Pavé Diamond Bar$1,800.00We like it best mixed into an existing wrist stack.
Sheryl LoweOnyx Bracelet with Pavé Diamond Bar$1,800.00Onyx + diamond bar = the coolest combination.
Sheryl LoweOnyx Bracelet with Saint Michael Charm$500.00Believed to bring protection.
Sheryl LowePyrite Wrap Bracelet$600.00Single-handedly achieves the stacked-wrist look.
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Bracelet$4,938.00Lucky charm.
ErinessLoop Bracelet With Diamond Links$1,665.00This dressed-up chain-link bracelet embellishes in the best way.
ErinessInitial Bracelet$320.00Keep it personal.
Anne Sisteron Scythe Cuff$3,485.00Despite its coolness, it plays incredibly well with watches, bangles, and whatever else you’d like to team it with.


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Bob's WatchesYellow-Gold Rolex Day Date 1807$10,395.00Going strong since 1959.
Bob's WatchesStainless Steel Rolex Submariner 16610$6,930.00The kind of heirloom-worthy piece you’ll never want to take off.
Bamford x goopHeritage 146 Watch, 38mm$10,624.00A custom collaboration from GP and George Bamford.
Bamford x goopTipo CP2 Watch$11,952.00A custom collaboration from GP and George Bamford.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mm$8,500.00Decidedly modern yet luxuriously vintage.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mm$8,500.00The iconic Rolex, beautifully reimagined.
Skywatch46mm Chronograph Watch$595.00A techy, high-performance timepiece that actually looks cool.
Skywatch46mm Chronograph Watch$595.00In slick black-and-white, this watch looks as great as it functions.
Skywatch44mm Chronograph Watch$495.00The kind of timepiece that appeals to techies and style-snobs alike.
La CalifornienneVintage Small Cartier Tank Watch$3,250.00A vintage Cartier watch updated with a gorgeous hand-painted leather strap.
La CalifornienneSmall Cartier Tank Watch$3,250.00A vintage Cartier watch updated with a gorgeous hand-painted leather strap.
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