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MarniResin Sphere Earrings$330.00Minimal hoops with an impactful twist.
MarniResin Square Earrings$468.00The next big thing in hoops.
Jacquie AicheTrillion Diamond Drop Studs$2,325.00Feminine and fiercely hard-working.
Jacquie AicheShining Star & Eye Diamond Drop Earrings$5,325.00The ultimate pavé-encrusted plus one.
Jacquie AicheEmerald Baguette-Center Huggies$1,625.00A touch of drama for everyday.
Marlo LazPearl Wand Earrings$4,140.00Colorful and subtly statement-making.
Marlo LazDouble Wand Earrings$5,750.00Worthy of any fancy evening engagement.
Marlo LazElixir Earrings$3,289.00Dripping in diamonds, topaz, rubies, and Tahitian pearls—yes, please.
Marlo LazRetina Earrings$2,571.40Seeing green.
Sophie RatnerDiamond Hoop Drop Earrings$530.00They appear to float on their own in the most beautiful way.
Sophie RatnerSingle Circle Hinge Ring Pave Earrings$1,100.00Delicately intertwined with a touch of glimmer.
Loren StewartDisk Hinge Studs$1,800.00The delicate hinged "disks" are especially eye-catching.
Michelle FantaciEmerald Sensu Marquis Studs$1,050.00The eye-shaped emerald is utterly exquisite.
Michelle FantaciDiamond Nomad Fan Drop Earrings$1,890.00Note the intricate fan-shape.
Michelle FantaciRuby Fan Marquis Earrings$3,658.00An heirloom-in-the-making.
AgmesStella Earrings$630.00An occasion-ready splash of shine to have on evening standby.
AgmesMax Earrings$340.00Sculptural, almost like an art-piece.
Jennifer FisherClassic Hollow Hoop Earrings, 2.5”$440.00Strikingly slender.
ErinessHalf-Diamond Loop Earrings$1,200.00Day-to-night jewelry at its best.
Suzanne KalanWhite Diamond Crawler Earrings$1,400.00A stellar shape with just the right amount of sparkle.
Suzanne KalanSmall Chandelier Earrings$1,500.00Intricately structured in the most gorgeous way.
we adore:

Anne Sisteron

From the daintiest everyday chains and studs to statement-making cocktail rings and elaborate, shoulder-grazing earrings, Paris-born jeweler Anne Sisteron does it all in a way that’s simultaneously decadent and totally wearable. Her penchant for aesthetics comes from years traveling the world as a working model—and it’s her training as a gemologist and GIA diamond grader that balances the style with plenty of substance.

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Anne Sisteron Mini Pear Necklace, $355.00An understated way to add a touch of eye-catching glitz to the everyday.
Anne Sisteron Disk Necklace, $515.00We love the minimalist statement this dainty necklace makes when worn solo.
Anne Sisteron Scythe Cuff, $3,485.00Despite its coolness, it plays incredibly well with watches, bangles, and whatever else you’d like to team it with.
Anne Sisteron Bold Huggie Earrings, $1,035.00Layer with dainty studs on wear solo, there’s no going wrong here.
Anne Sisteron Sabre Earrings, $2,280.00Wear them traditionally in two ears or layer in one if you have multiple piercings.
Anne Sisteron Carrie Ear Cuff, $2,840.00A genius design allows this cuff to sit on any part of the ear.
Anne Sisteron Cushion Pinkie Ring, $1,530.00A decidedly luxe upgrade to the traditionally tame pinky ring.
Anne Sisteron Luxe Diamond Square Ring, $3,465.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.
Anne Sisteron Champagne Diamond Square Ring, $2,625.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.


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Jacquie AicheRose Quartz Potion-Bottle Necklace$4,625.00Pretty on point for Valentine’s Day (or gifting any day, really).
Jacquie AicheMini Crescent Horn Studs$2,000.00Subtly statement-making when styled with swept-up hair.
Jacquie AichePavé & Copper Antique-Coin Necklace$3,688.00A vintage-inspired piece that feels incredibly fresh.
Jacquie AicheDouble Bone Horn Necklace$4,000.00Works like a charm, whether worn solo or layered.
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Necklace$5,877.00Found: Your new lucky gold coin.
Marlo LazTalisman 5 Coin Necklace$12,184.00The kind of keepsake you can wear daily.
Marlo LazJuju Necklace$2,985.00The gorgeous green agate stone is said to bring balance.
Marlo LazMini Eye With Star$2,760.00Incredibly eye-catching (wink, wink).
Jennifer MeyerI Love You Disc Necklace$5,500.00Right back at ya.
Jennifer MeyerDiamond 'LOVE' Necklace$3,850.00Layer it with other everyday jewelry for a subtle dose of drama.
10 1/2 The OG Necklace$1,050.00When a perfect ten doesn't quite cover it.
Logan HollowellLeo Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,360.00We're particularly into the intricate constellation of bezel diamonds.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellAries Diamond Constellation Necklace$975.00Cool and cosmic.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellTaurus Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,275.00A light layering piece, perfect for everyday wear,
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellSagittarius Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,895.00A hint of sparkle in your day to day.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellCancer Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,100.00Note the intricate constellation of bezel diamonds.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellScorpio Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,500.00Subtle glimmer for the Scorpio.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellVirgo Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,475.00Destined to be the star piece in your jewelry repertoire.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellCapricorn Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,455.00Beautifully clustered in the shape of the Capricorn star sign.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellAquarius Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,395.00A perfect personal gift for the zodiac zealot (yourself included).
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Logan HollowellGemini Diamond Constellation Necklace$1,560.00The stars have aligned.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Jacquie AicheGold Center-Burst Signet Ring$1,438.00A souped-up signet ring.
Marlo LazJe Porte Bonheur Iris Ring$4,600.00Happiness is in the eye of the beholder.
Marlo LazIcon Ring$4,830.00Emblematic of protection, spontaneity, and strength.
Sophie RatnerClassic Hinge Pave Ring$480.00Adds sparkle to any ring stack.
Michelle FantaciRuby Sensu Fan Marquis Ring$2,280.00An heirloom-in-the-making.
Michelle FantaciRuby Onda Ring$1,338.00Adds a dose of sparkly color to any ring stack.
Michelle FantaciEmerald Nomad Arrow Ring$900.00The crown-like arch elegantly accommodates other stacking rings.
Michelle FantaciEstrella Ring With Diamonds$1,980.00A stellar-shaped signet ring encrusted with dainty diamonds.
AgmesJouve Ring$320.00Part cocktail ring, part wearable art piece.
ErinessCigar Pavé Diamond Band$1,700.00A luxe upgrade to a traditional cigar ring.
ErinessDiamond Circle Ring$950.00Great mixed with similarly dainty pieces (but can stand on its own, too).
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond Square Ring$2,200.00The gorgeous geometric structure is essentially a piece of wearable art.
Kathleen WhitakerSequin Ring$2,750.00Minimal by design, yet incredibly eye-catching.
Jennifer MeyerOpal Inlay Mini Triangle Ring$350.00The ultimate stackable piece.
Grace LeeDemi Globe Ring$930.00Cooler than a traditional cocktail ring.
Grace LeeLace Crown Ring With Diamonds$1,585.00An heirloom in the making.
Grace LeeBeaded Trapezoid Eternity Ring$335.00Beaded detailing for dimension.
Grace LeeSymm Beaded Ring$355.00Especially striking stacked with other dainty rings.
Kim DunhamSpirit Animal Ring$2,400.00Find your spirit animal.
Anne Sisteron Champagne Diamond Square Ring$2,625.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.
Anne Sisteron Luxe Diamond Square Ring$3,465.00The kind of statement piece that plays well mixed and matched with other dainty bands.

Laurie's Picks

Our fashion director's favorite pieces from the goop shop.

Ariel GordonHeart Necklace$350.00Simple and to the point.
Jennifer MeyerThin Ring With Turquoise$175.00Note the small-but-stunning turquoise stone.
MiansaiScrew Cuff Ring$150.00Makes any look instantly cooler.
kWITPersonalized Letter Ring$450.00Spell out whatever you'd like.
Yellow Gold
White Gold
Loren StewartDisk Hoop And Stud Set$385.00A look that works brilliantly with anything from casual to black tie.


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Marlo LazTalisman Coin Bracelet$4,938.00Lucky charm.
Jennifer MeyerHeart-by-the-Inch Bracelet$725.00Wear your heart on your sleeve.Sold Out
Suzanne KalanWhite Diamond Bangle$3,300.00A modern upgrade to the traditional tennis bracelet.
ErinessLoop Bracelet With Diamond Links$1,665.00This dressed-up chain-link bracelet embellishes in the best way.
Anne Sisteron Scythe Cuff$3,485.00Despite its coolness, it plays incredibly well with watches, bangles, and whatever else you’d like to team it with.
Sheryl LoweChain Bracelet with Pavé Clasp$750.00A pavé diamond clasp dresses up this chunky chain-link bracelet.
Sheryl LoweSandalwood Bead Bracelet with Pavé Rondelles$900.00Pavé diamonds add a little glamour to this versatile sandalwood-bead bracelet.
Sheryl LoweSleeping Beauty Turquoise Bead Bracelet$2,400.00Gorgeous turquoise beads framed by brilliant pavé diamonds.
Sheryl LoweLarge Pavé ID Tag Bracelet$1,300.00This military-inspired chunky chain bracelet gets a radical upgrade with a pavé diamond ID tag.
Bianca PrattEmerald Bracelet$420.00A single gorgeous green emerald set on a light, delicate 10-karat yellow-gold chain.
Ariel GordonDual Birthstone Cuff$695.00Your choice of two birthstones hand-set on a 14-karat yellow gold open-ended cuff.
Sarah ChloeCiela Bangle with Center Diamond$179.00An OG goop shop classic.
Sheryl LoweID Bracelet$4,200.00Pavé plus gold make this a cool girl's classic bracelet.
Sheryl LoweID Bracelet$1,300.00A cool girl's spin on an ID bracelet.
Sheryl LoweBone Pave Bracelet$1,600.00Low-key glamorous and endlessly chic.
Sheryl LoweBone Pave Wrap Bracelet$650.00The triple-wrap design gives this bone-beaded bracelet a chic stacked look.
Sheryl LoweGold Bead Bracelet$1,150.00A seriously luxurious yet utterly wearable statement piece.
Sheryl LoweLink Bracelet$2,600.00Tough-luxe.
Sheryl LoweSmall Bone Pave Bracelet$650.00 Low-key glamour.
Jennifer MeyerMini Arrow Bracelet$525.00The little arrow charm looks so cool with off-duty looks.
MiansaiBar Bracelet$205.00The sleek, modern design of this bracelet makes any look a little cooler.


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What Goes Around Comes AroundHermès Vintage H Hour Watch$2,950.00Hardworking with a capital H.
Bob's WatchesRolex Day-Date 1803 Watch, 36mm$7,600.00Note the luxe Italian-made leather band on this iconic vintage Rolex.
Bob's WatchesRolex Oyster Perpetual 116000$4,295.00An everlasting classic timepiece (for him or her).
Bamford x goopHeritage 146 Watch, 38mm$10,624.00A custom collaboration from GP and George Bamford.
Bamford x goopTipo CP2 Watch$11,952.00A custom collaboration from GP and George Bamford.
La CalifornienneSmall Cartier Tank Watch, 22mm$3,250.00Reimagined in the chicest pink-on-camel combo.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mm$8,500.00The iconic Rolex, beautifully reimagined.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Watch, 34mm$8,500.00Decidedly modern yet luxuriously vintage.
Bob's WatchesRolex 36mm Day-Date Presidential$9,200.00This highly collectible vintage timepiece is truly exquisite.
Skywatch46mm Chronograph Watch$595.00A techy, high-performance timepiece that actually looks cool.
Skywatch46mm Chronograph Watch$595.00In slick black-and-white, this watch looks as great as it functions.
Skywatch44mm Chronograph Watch$495.00The kind of timepiece that appeals to techies and style-snobs alike.
La CalifornienneVintage Small Cartier Tank Watch$3,250.00A vintage Cartier watch updated with a gorgeous hand-painted leather strap.
La CalifornienneSmall Cartier Tank Watch$3,250.00A vintage Cartier watch updated with a gorgeous hand-painted leather strap.
La CalifornienneRolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch$8,500.00A vintage Rolex watch updated with a gorgeous hand-painted leather strap.
ShinolaThe Runwell Watch (47mm)$550.00A wear-everywhere watch that's handmade in Detroit.
Bob's WatchesRolex 31MM DateJust$5,400.00An everlasting classic timepiece (for him or her).
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