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Aurelie BidermannDentelle Yellow-Gold Bangle$5,200.00Don’t miss the skin-baring honeycomb motif.
Aurelie BidermannMedals Bracelet$1,980.00Get lucky.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Sterling Silver Bracelet$850.00Found: the missing link.
Suzanne KalanDiamond Firework Bangle$8,000.00The tonal white gold setting boosts its sparkle.
Suzanne KalanBaguette Diamond Firework Bangle$7,400.00A modern riff on a traditional tennis bracelet.
HoorsenbuhsID Tri-Link Sterling Silver Bracelet$2,250.00An elevated spin on the traditional ID bracelet.
HoorsenbuhsFive Link Pavé Bracelet$9,500.00Dressed-up with dainty diamonds.
HoorsenbuhsOpen-Link Diamond Toggle Bracelet$5,000.00Check out the teeny diamonds detailing the toggle.
Sophie RatnerSlim Hinge Bracelet$2,780.00The best part: the equestrian-style hinges.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Eloise White-Gold Bangle$4,990.00Elegant on its own; plays well with others, too.
Anne Sisteron Diamond Horn Bangle$3,720.00Made with 344 pavé diamonds.
Anne Sisteron Diamond ID Yellow-Gold Bracelet$1,100.00A sparkly upgrade to the iconic ID bracelet.
Ariel GordonPavé Roman Holiday Bracelet$6,500.00Layer it over a long-sleeve knit, or simply a good (faux) tan.
Ariel GordonDiamond Bezel Tennis Bracelet$3,396.00Bezeled with 88 dainty diamonds.
Sheryl LoweBone Bracelet with Pavé Diamond Bar$1,800.00We like it best mixed into an existing wrist stack.
Sheryl LoweOnyx Bracelet with Pavé Diamond Bar$1,800.00Onyx + diamond bar = the coolest combination.
Sheryl LoweOnyx Bracelet with Saint Michael Charm$500.00Believed to bring protection.
Ariel GordonDiamond Tennis Bracelet$3,250.00A classic refreshed with fifty stones.
Sheryl LowePyrite Wrap Bracelet$600.00Single-handedly achieves the stacked-wrist look.
Marlo LazTalisman Coin Bracelet$4,938.00Lucky charm.
ErinessLoop Bracelet With Diamond Links$1,665.00This dressed-up chain-link bracelet embellishes in the best way.
ErinessInitial Bracelet$320.00Keep it personal.
Anne Sisteron Scythe Cuff$3,485.00Despite its coolness, it plays incredibly well with watches, bangles, and whatever else you’d like to team it with.
Sheryl LoweChain Bracelet with Pavé Clasp$750.00A pavé diamond clasp dresses up this chunky chain-link bracelet.
Sarah ChloeCiela Bangle with Center Diamond$179.00An OG goop shop classic.
Sheryl LoweID Bracelet$1,300.00A cool girl's spin on an ID bracelet.
Sheryl LoweBone Pave Wrap Bracelet$650.00The triple-wrap design gives this bone-beaded bracelet a chic stacked look.
Sheryl LoweBone Pave Bracelet$1,600.00Low-key glamorous and endlessly chic.
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